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    We are hoping for a lot of new players for our server! Visit our forum, TS or directly our game server J

    Server #1 IP:
    Slots: 50
    Gametracker: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
    Forum: ZombiehunterZ.de (Registration necessary)
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrMeth1337


    + Humanity System: Level 1-8 (Hero/Bandit Trader Level 1/3/5)
    + Humanity based Skins
    + 1on1 PVP Area
    + “The lottery” Win special and unique prices in stary
    +For longtime fun an goals, you can craft your individiual Base with a Refuel- and Repairstation, Barracks, Firestation, Sandbag walls/Castle walls, .50cals and so on. You can buy this things from the admins with Briefcases…

    Server Mods

    + 8 individual AI Bases from small to big, which will change every restart (3h)
    + Safezones in Stary / Klen / Bash + Antibackpack Script
    + 350+ Vehicles
    + 200+ Fix Custom Vehicle Spawns on the coastside
    + Selfbloodbag
    + WAI Missionen
    + indestructible Bases
    + fixed Trader prices
    + Custom Vehicles
    + Colour Correction
    + Custom Buildings
    + Cinder & Wood Trader
    + 90m Plotpole
    + Coin & Banking
    + Custom Crafting System

    Cheers Blackc0bra

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