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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shinkicker, May 27, 2013.

  1. shinkicker

    shinkicker Administrator Staff Member

    Rocket has said SA won't be moddable at first, and we don't know the plans yet for what they will support. but everything is capable of being modified, even if just new models / textures (think GTA, Skyrim) etc

    Anyone have any views?

    Do you think it will be just left to the community or there will be a steam workshop?
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  2. CommanderRetra

    CommanderRetra Yogi Bear|Moderator Staff Member

    Likely a steam workshop, has there been anything said on the scripting engine or anything???
    btw you spelt steam workshop as stream workshop.

    SUPERSANCH. Member

    That's what i read:

    Source: dayzmod.com
  4. BetterDeadThanZed

    BetterDeadThanZed Well-Known Member

    Sounds a lot like an Activision representative.
  5. kanna

    kanna New Member

    you have information on the structure of future server?

    If you must rent or can be hosted on a dedicated server?
  6. Rossymond

    Rossymond Moderator Staff Member

    Does anyone else really not like the way it looks? I just don't dig it :(
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  7. DynaMike

    DynaMike New Member

    I really dont get that theyre so proud of those damn helmets. I dont even believe it has a function protection wise. Who wants to roam the wilderness with an ugle red helmets instead of some discrete clothes. Not saying ghillie but come on?

    The UI is UGLY! Amateur like appearance and functionality seems to be buggy also.

    Zoombies.... Jump attack? Good idea but why make it so it looks like shit? And can a zoombie really NOT swing an arm and still hit you 5 meters away? Seems so. Must be mental attack powers.

    No cars at launch because they want to make all from scratch? Wonder if theyre also gonna reinvent the wheel while their at it. I see the concept of custom cars with tranferable parts. But they dont make new weapons so why make new cars?

    I´ve been a fan of DayZ from day one but the latest video convinced me NOT to buy this.
  8. indepth

    indepth Member

    im sure the future of dayz will live in a community built port to arma3...
  9. reactortrip

    reactortrip Member

    I don't get this either and I am an avid motorcyclist. No way in hell would I run around in my helmet during a zombie attack. They are bulky and really reduce your field of vision and ability to hear. It's so dumb how much they are proud of something so stupid.

    This is business lingo for we don't want you fucking with our game until you get bored of it, then we will let you do shit to it so more people will buy it because it's actually fun because of community support.
  10. Robin Hood

    Robin Hood Member

    Of course ill buy it asap.. but guarantee ill probably get as bored with it just as quick as i got bored of the mod.. The only thing that kept its replay value for me was when i rented a server, and was able to tweak shit. cause to me, as far as game play is concerned: its just dayz mod in a pretty wrapper. hopefully its more secured then dayz mod was. but to be honest once i bought hangenders anti-hack, hackers werent an issue anymore. atleast not the hacks that killed the server. like nukes, teleporting everyone , etc etc. only hacks i had to really deal with were players teleportering themselves. but that shit didnt bother me as much as server killing hacks. lol i think i talked myself out of buying SA. asap.
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  11. Dean Hall

    Dean Hall New Member

    I understand the frustrations, but enabling modding for our pre-alpha and alpha stages just complicates matters - even on simple things like "is this a bug with the game, or with a mod?". KSP, for example, is awesome with mods - but I myself often struggle with bugs and it can be hard to figure out if it is a problem with the game, or a mod. KSP has the advantage of being a single-player game as well.

    I honestly feel like if we did not achieve some "big wins" on the hacking and security front, the game would not succeed at all no matter *what* else we put in it.

    Rest assured that I am documenting everything I need to, as I go, so that when we do release required tools - the documentation will be there. I am also a big fan of, until we get the tools out there, approaching some of the big modding/mapmaker groups and working together to try and "fill the gap" until we can open it right out. A good example would be some user created maps ported/supported etc... by Bohemia.

    I guess I just wanted to say, I hear what you guys are saying and I really want to stress that modding is something we want to do. But I can't stress enough how important it is that we make it stable, and make it secure.
  12. shinkicker

    shinkicker Administrator Staff Member

    Nice to see you on here.

    Maybe you could consider in time a workshop, although understand you cannot comment on this yet as you have bigger fish to fry. You could then have people provide models like they do for L4D etc. This would then free you guys up for working on the bigger stuff while a community creates loot items, clothing etc.

    This kind of thing:


    All in good time though I understand.
  13. Robin Hood

    Robin Hood Member

    Hey Rocket,

    Nice of you to drop in, we hear ya. But god please, dont make the game go stale to soon. A lot of us here have played the mod every which way you can play it.. and its going to be a real tough job to dazzle most of us. we've moddded the shit out of the...mod..(when i say we, i say the community as a whole). So when SA does come out, besides the pretty looking ui, and helmets. and the more secured system.. you gotta give us something to keep our interest.. and thats going to be so freaking hard.. cause we've done and played it every which way WE could think of. we've implemented a crafting system, we've modified the crafting system so you can make auto parts, you can make tools, you can make buildings, weapons. etc.. crafting is great, its a must. i like how you are doing the bases as instance based.. thats good .. customizable vehicles with interchangeable parts. thats cool..

    one thing thats been being worked on and ironed out, and i think it would add a lot of "keep your interest" content, is the mission system.

    and dude just a random thought, the knock out/hostage system we've implemented, you know knocking someone out and being in control of that character, take a prisoner.. I.E.. someone playing, gets captured by a bandit. a new mission generates, server wide, to non-bandit players.. a rescue mission.. thats off the top of my head.. that sounds kinda cool and interesting. We've also added a multi-level PERK/Level system for bandits and heroes. 3 levels just like you're doing. but each new level adds a new perk.. I.E. lvl 3 bandits can plant a bomb IN a car, and make a car bomb.. anyone entering and starting the car, GOES BOOM!.. lvl 3 heroes, Bomb Removal/Detection. etc etc.. i can go on and on about this.. you got your work cut out for you brother.. if you ever decide to have a open forum/suggestion box, i have tons of ideas. that rescue mission was just one. anyway.. good luck brother.

  14. Nonov Urbizniz

    Nonov Urbizniz OpenDayZ Rockstar! Staff Member

    I'm not expecting ANYTHING out of Alpha other than hacking protection. I don't care about anything else. If they can stop players from spawning in equipment, vehicles, and ESP, I'll be fine with just walking around exploring the map/texture changes.

    Anyone who's expecting SA to outdo any of the current mods is going to be pretty F'ing disappointed and frankly I don't get how you'd even think that was an option at this stage... like it's something they can just "do" since you reminded them lol.

    @Mr Hall, I understand and frankly agree with modding the code, but the maps, I mean we can just do a port for your engine if we're told target resolutions, and any config details we need to have in mind.

    As coordinator of a team who's porting Sahrani from A1 to A2 with BI source files, and intend on doing the same for A3, it would be awesome to just get a quick and dirty outline of what if any special details we should keep in the back of our mind. I mean the terrain Chernarus+ is "done" so shouldn't be anything stopping you from it now.

    We especially (considering Sahrani is not our source material or property) wouldn't even care if it meant we could only release the final work to BI/DayZ Dev Team to distribute it to players at your own discretion (ie if you wanted to offer extra maps as DLC)

    Also if you could just say 100pct whether I/we should be chasing you or BI for written permission to modify the DayZ Code or port it to Arma 3... If it's you, Can I/We pretty please have your express written consent?
  15. shinkicker

    shinkicker Administrator Staff Member

    Might be better to PM him, he is not likely give written consent in a forum thread.
  16. Joee

    Joee New Member

    I'm hoping that Rocket realises that the only real success of DayZ is because of the mods that have been brought out because of it and has increased the sales of the Games Arma II and OAH and the downloads that have came with it for DayZ itself.

    The mods that should be included should be chosen by the player base who have actually experienced the mods themselves to ensure that the entire game for SA is a success for everyone. These should include; Taviana, Trinity island and also Wasteland as it will create a bigger success of the game because it will add more atmosphere for everyone playing and will make sure that the game doesn't die within the first 6 months of release. If Rocket doesn't listen to his player base then he's a dumb developer as most games only exceed the first 6 months of release due to them listening and adding more features into the actual game.
  17. ZedBuster

    ZedBuster Valued Member!

    I am very afraid for what the standalone is going to bring in terms of modding.
    Right now, there are so many options for Admin's to modify the game.
    For example:

    - rMod for custom skins, non-dayz guns and vehicles
    - Admin's adding extra buildings and bases for players (have that on my server)
    - Blurgaming Admin tool (great for fixing stuff quickly as Admin)
    - C130 care package (easy way of getting non-dayz loot in the game for players)
    - Auto-refuel
    - Custom loadouts
    - Custom loadingscreen

    After watching all rocket's videos about the Standalone,
    I was getting more dissapointed with every video.
    It seems like Admin's can't change stuff for shit.....

    Especially if there's no rMod coming for the standalone so players can't have vehicles from Arma 3 in the game,
    I might be NEVER switching my server to the Standalone.
    Right now, the DayZ mod is good enough for me because everything is moddable.
  18. Rossymond

    Rossymond Moderator Staff Member

    You won't be able to. All servers will be official and private hives are NOT going to be supported. At least not within the first 6months - year...who knows?
  19. CommanderRetra

    CommanderRetra Yogi Bear|Moderator Staff Member

  20. seaweeduk

    seaweeduk OpenDayZ Rockstar!

    I think regardless of if it's supported people are still going to find a way to mod it, there's so many games where modding isn't supported by the developers but it still occurs. If modification of things wasn't possible why has the ability to "blacklist" a particular server from the central hive been discussed?

    I agree completely with the reasons the team have chosen to lock the game down realistically however it seems to me unless they are constantly updating things to stop or detect different mods, people are always going to find some way of changing some things. All locking it down does is make that process harder for them, people like a challenge though and a way will always be found. Lets not forget private hives were not supported by Rocket for a long time after they became the most popular place to play the mod for many people. No doubt it will be much more complex for someone to reverse engineer the SA for a private hive but I wouldn't bet against someone figuring out a way to do it at some point.

    ZedBusters post above is a good example of the kind of response some people on here will give to this. It is completely stupid in my opinion though, I think a lot of people run servers for the wrong reasons right now and it will be good to see and end to those servers. There is no need for any of the server mods he has listed in the SA and the advantages of having everyone on the same hive and code again like we were last year far outweighs any of the benefits private hives bring.

    Personally I am very much looking forward to just playing the game again! It will be nice to be able to just run around and explore the level and new game mechanics. The devs can worry about bugs, adding new features and stopping cheats and just I will be able to kick back and enjoy the game like I did this time last year :D Although one of the things I love about running a server now is the ability to add or change something I don't like, I can't pretend I won't miss that. Certainly I will use bug/reports and suggestions to help out where I can. There is a huge amount of expertise on these forums with regards to this game, it will be a shame to see those minds going to waste.
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