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Discussion in 'Scripting Discussions' started by fibra91, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. fibra91

    fibra91 New Member

    Hi all guys.Anyone can help me to add heli lift script on my server dayz.st(no rmod)??
  2. fibra91

    fibra91 New Member

    ehi guys i have found btc logistic.Can i use this script if i don't have rmod in my server?
  3. Hoplit

    Hoplit Well-Known Member

  4. ConArts

    ConArts Member

    yes you can use that script without rMod on you dayz.st server
  5. Hoplit

    Hoplit Well-Known Member

    Anyone can send a tutorial?
  6. Sarge

    Sarge OpenDayZ Guru! Staff Member

    use R3F ... way better. you will need to configure it quite a bit, but the outcome is impressive.
  7. fibra91

    fibra91 New Member

    hi guys i have found btc logistic.anyone can help me to install this script please??Or anyone have this script and can send me mission.pbo please??thanks!!
  8. UrbanSkaters

    UrbanSkaters Valued Member!

    I use RF3 , it has vehicle tow and heli lift. I'm with DayZ.st and it works fine. A little editing out of the box, but not that difficult if you take your time :)
  9. fibra91

    fibra91 New Member

    can you help me to install r3f??my skype is fibra911 thanks!
  10. UrbanSkaters

    UrbanSkaters Valued Member!

    Download it, follow the readme pdf that it comes with and if you're still stuck.. Give me a shout! ;)
  11. ProWreck

    ProWreck New Member

    I did a couple searches here on the forum, as well as on google, and just could not find this RF3. Could someone point me in the right direction?
  12. UrbanSkaters

    UrbanSkaters Valued Member!

  13. sschwarz25

    sschwarz25 Member

    Here is my towing and helicopter lift package. Everything works. In your mission.pbo or mission folder, find your init.sqf, and at the very bottom, with a one line gap from any other text, add:

    Then, add the entire folder in the zip file to the pbo. It will access it and run its own init. The bottom is the best place for that, as I mention in another forum. I suggest that from now on you do some more research in the forums, as this is the 3rd thread going for the same thing. The main thread is found by searching "Towing'

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  14. yeti

    yeti New Member

    im probably looking in the rong section but is their a way to edit that choppers can tow and what can be towed?
  15. dirtbikr59

    dirtbikr59 New Member

    Yeti, I'm having difficulty understanding what you said. You can edit which vehicles can lift and be lifted and which vehicles can tow or be towed. I tested Sschwarz25's R3F script and it works 100% on my dayz.st server. Look in the files.
  16. yeti

    yeti New Member

    sorry i rushed when i was typing that, yea i was asking if you can add different choppers to lift and what can be lifted, where would i find the script i have to edit and it it just a case of adding the class name?
  17. sschwarz25

    sschwarz25 Member


    It is self explanatory inside ~.^ Good luck
  18. sschwarz25

    sschwarz25 Member

    Also, I would like to point out, that commas need to be after each vehicle line EXCEPT THE LAST ONE! I am retarded with my commas and wreck just about every script with one....so my mistakes should be your education. Be careful where they are and aren't, as they tell the program to continue searching for the next variable and it freezes.
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  19. EpOcH91

    EpOcH91 Member

    Is there a way to just add the heli lift and leave out towing? I have your's downloaded sschwarz25. What do i need to remove from the folder to only allow heli lift?
  20. sschwarz25

    sschwarz25 Member

    Firstly, I would like to point out that I did not make R3F, just modified a few things and fixed a few others.

    Secondly, to take out the towing part we need to look at the mission.pbo\R3F_ARTY_AND_LOG\R3F_LOG\addons_config\arma2_Co_Objects.sqf

    Inside there it is broken down into 7 category options:
    Can Tow
    Can be towed
    Can Lift
    Can be lifted
    Can Load
    Can be loaded
    Can be movable by player

    To take out towing, just delete the vehicles that are under the CAN TOW section. To enable lifting, add the vehicles you want to be able to lift. Someone where on here someone made a lift of helicopter names. It's in this thread.

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