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Discussion in 'Script/Addon help' started by Krixes, Apr 8, 2013.

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    thank you so much
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    Any self blood bag that works with DayZ Vanilla

    Tahnk you!
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    I looked again and I can see the problem, there is an actual Self-bloodbag script included in Dayz
    (I would assume you just right click on the bloodbag in your inventory to use it) and the blood types now cause the krixes script to not have a bloodbag since there are blood types instead of just a single bloodbag not to mention they can be empty and refilled.
    So if you want to use krixes script then you would have to either check for the correct bloodbag type in the players inventory OR accept any bloodbag type . We can do that if you want, or you can use the included scripts. It looks like you need a 'transfusion kit' in addition to a bloodbag.
    It also looks like you can disable the blood types by setting this variable which might make the krixes script work without any other changes.
    dayz_classicBloodBagSystem = true; //Enables one type of bloodbag

    In your init.sqf there should be a code block like this, if not, then put it there near the top. and change the dayz_presets = "vanilla" to dayz_presets = "Custom" and then edit all those variables to your preference.
    //DayazMod Presets
    dayz_presets = "Vanilla"; //"Custom","Classic","Vanilla","Elite"
    //Only need to edit if you running a custom server.
    if ( dayz_presets == "Custom") then {
    dayz_enableGhosting = true; //Enable disable the ghosting system.
    dayz_ghostTimer = 30; //Sets how long in seconds a player must be dissconnected before being able to login again.
    dayz_spawnselection = 1; //Turn on spawn selection 0 = random only spawns, 1 = Spawn choice based on limits
    dayz_spawncarepkgs_clutterCutter = 2; //0 = loot hidden in grass, 1 = loot lifted and 2 = no grass
    dayz_spawnCrashSite_clutterCutter = 2; // heli crash options 0 = loot hidden in grass, 1 = loot lifted and 2 = no grass
    dayz_spawnInfectedSite_clutterCutter = 2; // infected base spawn... 0: loot hidden in grass, 1: loot lifted, 2: no grass
    dayz_bleedingeffect = 3; //1= blood on the ground, 2= partical effect, 3 = both.
    dayz_ForcefullmoonNights = false; // Forces night time to be full moon.
    dayz_OpenTarget_TimerTicks = 60 * 10; //how long can a player be freely attacked for after attacking someone unprovoked.
    dayz_nutritionValuesSystem = false; //Enables nutrition system
    //not implmented yet.
    dayz_classicBloodBagSystem = false; // removes all blood type bloodbags
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    that selfbloodbag script is just the script DayZ uses to give a bloodbag to another player.

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