Players Spawning in as Birds...

Discussion in 'Support' started by Joannou1, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Joannou1

    Joannou1 New Member


    After a few hours of having a near full, or full server... Or sometimes even at complete random, when a player respawns, they will be a bird.

    If I set the BE Filter for 5 'SeaGull', It kicks players for CreateVehicle restriction #1, That seemed to cause more damage, So I set it to 1.
    The players say they get the message 'Something went wrong', then they are flying around as a bird.

    It fixes itself after a reboot.

    I recompiled fresh Reality code, placed in the DLL's, Etc...

    If anyone knows any sort of solution to this, I would appreciate it.
    This issue never existed before this last update.

  2. king2k

    king2k New Member

    had the same thing happen on my server. Suddenly everybody that logged in ended up as a bird. In the .rpt log I could not see the login entries anymore either (eg. "STARTING LOGIN: ...") even though players were connecting.

    Had to restart server to fix the issue.
  3. zane

    zane Member

    My server had the same issue, too.
  4. BBS||DeadEye

    BBS||DeadEye Well-Known Member

    Same happend in Bliss 4.2 - We set the filter to 5 so that the players are kicked and dont screw with their positions by flying around.
  5. thevisad

    thevisad Moderator Staff Member

    This is typically because there are mods in place that affect the way players log in.
  6. ohhnice

    ohhnice New Member

    how to fix it ?
  7. BBS||DeadEye

    BBS||DeadEye Well-Known Member

    Seems to be a problem with DayZMod itself. There where discussions on GitHub about it, but still nobody knows why or how this happens...
  8. Grafzahl

    Grafzahl Valued Member!

    This is still the worst bug for me as an admin... i cant realy say when or why it happens, most of the time it happens when i am not on my pc to restart the server, sometimes the server returns and lets you spawn again after some minutes, sometimes not. Normaly you spawn as a bird when you are a spectator in arma2, so i gues the mod tries to spawn you as a spectator, which is not allowed... most of the time it happens when server is 40/40, but sometimes it occurs right after restart.... and sometimes it doesnt happen for like a week.

    There must be a workaround or something, at least something like an auto-restart after X Kicks because of createvehicle#1.
  9. SwampFox424

    SwampFox424 New Member

    Still no word on a fix for this? It's killing my server.
  10. BBS||DeadEye

    BBS||DeadEye Well-Known Member

    This is a known bug by the DayZ Mod - however the source of this is still unknown as of today
  11. Seven

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  12. piff

    piff Well-Known Member

    wow, i bet it will make it to stand alone!
  13. Delicious

    Delicious Member

    Same Problems here....any fix for that crap?
    Run Epoch on Panthera 2.9
    Its shitty to restart every time the Server, and not always helps....
  14. Daniel Sumi

    Daniel Sumi Member

    have had this issue a few times, deleted scripts, changed AH, moved all files and database to randisk, upgraded connection to 100/100, tweaked basic.cfg a few times, looked up and down throughout the interwebs trying to get it sorted.

    it's a known issue with the arma2oabeta (since 96xxxx?), roadmap says it will be addressed on 1.63 (i imagine we will be running windows 23 before it's released).

    seems to be triggered by crappy connections, high-ish pings, constant desync and too many PLs . A single client can lead to the infamous meltdown effectively locking the server.

    set maxping to ~100 for starters and see if the problem persists.
  15. cen

    cen Valued Member!

    Add this to the if (isDedicated) section in your init.sqf file

    [] spawn {
        while {true} do
            //Clean groups
                //diag_log ("CLEANUP: CHECKING GROUP WITH " + str(count units _x) + " UNITS");
                if (count units _x==0) then {
                    deleteGroup _x;
                    //diag_log ("CLEANUP: DELETING A GROUP");
            } forEach allGroups;
            sleep 60;
  16. ebay

    ebay OpenDayZ Guru!

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