SARGE AI Framework - Beta Testers wanted before release.

Discussion in 'Mission Editing' started by Sarge, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Sarge

    Sarge OpenDayZ Guru! Staff Member


    Official Release here:

    Maps covered atm:

    Chernarus - Sarge
    Taviana - Richie
    Omer - Namalsk
    BetterDeadThanZed - Lingor


    Hi all,

    before i do a public releaseof my version 1.0 of my AI framework, i would like to run some tests with more people.

    Please read about features below, if you want to help testing, send me a PM and i'll send you IP and PW of the testserver.


    - no addons on the clientside needed
    - tested with Dayz, should also work with 1.7.6.x
    - supported maps atm: Chernarus (can easily be adjusted for other maps)
    - easy install (dedicated script folder, started by init.sqf)
    - optimized for server performance, all AI handled on the server
    - highly configurable
    - relies on 2 other script packages: UPSMon and SHK_pos (included in the archive)

    - player triggered AI (same concept as Dayz's zombie spawn, this prevents "unused" AI on the map)
    - 3 AI factions:
    • AI survivors (shoot Zeds and player bandits)
    • AI bandits (shoot Zeds and player bandits/player survivors)
    • AI soldiers (shoot Zeds, AI bandits and player bandits)
    - Dynamic "enemy" handling - only units near players will be made "unfriendly" towards Zeds / Bandits etc.
    - Randomized gear/skins and group setups(leader/sniper/riflemen)
    - Randomized patrol waypoints around the player
    -preconfigurable sizes of groups, number of groups and probability of groups spawning close to player

    - static AI possible to configure (e.g. put a group of bandits in Devils Castle, let 30 soldiers protect your camp, etc.)
    - static Heli patrols predefined (south coast, east coast, airfields). custom patrols configurable.
    - automatic despawn if no players present anymore in the area
    - automatic respawn of killed AI groups
    - killed AI bodies get deleted after a short amount of time (reduce server lag)


    You need to un-pbo your missions folder. (if you dont know how to do this, please google and learn, in that case this framework is not really intended for you)

    - In your missions folder, create a addons folder.
    - Add the content of the archive (the folders SARGE, UPSMON and SHKPOS)
    - edit your init.sqf file from your missions folder

    - add the following lines at the end of the init.sqf :

    call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\UPSMON\scripts\Init_UPSMON.sqf";
    call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\SHK_pos\shk_pos_init.sqf";
    [] execVM "addons\SARGE\SAR_AI_init.sqf";
    - either pbo your missions file again, or use the directoy instead.


    1) my heli patrols get blown up - rpt shows "killed a hacker"

    adjust this in your server_cleanup.fsm:
    if  (!(vehicle _x in _safety) && ((typeOf vehicle _x) != ""ParachuteWest"") && (vehicle _x getVariable [""Sarge"",0] != 1))
    2) i am a bandit and am having a hard time now ... : This is intended. Think first before you shoot people, and don't expect the coasts to be "bambi farming" areas anymore.
  2. Manatee Hunter

    Manatee Hunter Valued Member!

    I'd love to test something like this but for Celle. If you tell me what to do, (In terms of adding what / how)... i'll go do it in the editor for Celle. I bee looking into using UPS, I had created different type sof squads, with diff guns and skins based on their location and intended on tweaking their skills based on proximity to starter zones... Either way, AI is something I'm very interested in setting up properly.
  3. Sarge

    Sarge OpenDayZ Guru! Staff Member

    Sadly the Arma Editor will not help here ... I dont touch the missions file at all, its all script based.

    Maybe you give it a try on Chernarus, and see if you like it.

    The logic that i use is easy to transfer to other maps - but before i do that, i want the base version stable.
  4. Richie

    Richie Valued Member!

    Hi Sarge, I'd be happy to test this out for you :)
    I'm currently using a Taviana 2.0 map with Dayz but will update when Taviana 3.0 is released.

    1 - Can i make the spawns static rather than spawning like zeds ? I really like the fact that Sycosis script spawns them at server restart, I have some doing a huge patrol radius and they end up everywhere, no idea where they can be at any one time.
    2 - I only want the Bandit Ai, Is it possible to have more than 3 types of Bandit Ai and can i set what weapons they carry ?

    I'm still up for testing though :) It won't take long and if i can help i will do
  5. Sarge

    Sarge OpenDayZ Guru! Staff Member

    Tx Richie :)

    Well, why would you want them all to spawn at server start? In my opinion that's wasted server performance - what good is a AI patrol when nobody is even near it ? The more of these you have, the more impact on your server performance you will see.

    It is possible with SAR_AI to define static spawned groups for areas that you can define freely - although i dont see why you would.

    My system, compared to Zed spawning, doesn't rely on buildings. i use a grid over the whole map. If theres any number of players in a one square of this grid, there is AI (amount and setup of these groups configurable). If there's no player in a square, the AI despawns after a while.

    You can set the max amount of survivor AI and soldier AI to 0 for every gridsquare, by that you will have only bandit AI.

    3 types of bandit AI doesnt limit you to 3 different skins - you can have an unlimited number of different skins (given they are allowed in Dayz). weapon loadout is fully configurable, and can be randomized based on your defined lists.


  6. Richie

    Richie Valued Member!

    The reason i liked them all to spawn at server restart is for the AI with a large patrol radius, The longer the server runs the more they explore, It adds randomness to the AI so they end up all over - Basically no scenario is the same and the AI can't be predicted.

    My main concern with them spawning when players approach is how fast they spawn and get prepared, Will they shoot at cars driving at high speeds or will the vehicle of passed by before the AI spawn and ready their guns ?

    This sounds good :) I can then determine what areas will always have AI, I want them guarding high tier loot.

    I can't wait to test this out, I currently have them set so the further you travel the more heaviliy armed AI you encounter but the higher the rewards.

    I'll be happy to test your script :) I'll let you know what i think about how they perform
  7. d0pefish

    d0pefish Member

    Is the spawn distance configurable? The one thing that often gets me curious is wandering around and hearing gunshots about 1km away and going to investigate to see someone either fighting a bandit or zombies.

    it'd be nice if they could be spawned up to a certain distance away, so you'd be able to hear gunshots a distance away and have the option to investigate or back off.
  8. Sarge

    Sarge OpenDayZ Guru! Staff Member

    The grids they use are 2km x 2km, so you will have the same effect.
  9. Sarge

    Sarge OpenDayZ Guru! Staff Member

    Ok so to explain the spawn logic a bit more:

    theres a grid of 6x6 fields over the whole map of chernarus. each field is 2kmx2km. If a player enters this area, AI spawns. If no player is in this area anymore, AI despawns. The gridsize can be configured.
  10. Sarge

    Sarge OpenDayZ Guru! Staff Member

    Thats what happens all the time. They can spwn up to 2kms away from you, and attack each other - so you hear gunshots, and can decide if you want to engage or avoid.
  11. Sarge

    Sarge OpenDayZ Guru! Staff Member

    Some things that happened while running the last tests:

    - i drove into Stary in a car, just to realize theres a bus coming my way. 4 bandits get out and start firing at me instantly.
    - i parked my heli in cherno to do some looting - while in the supermarket i heard my heli taking off - AI have nicked it.
    - I looted NWAF with soldier AI killing zeds ... They totally massacred all the zeds up there. 2 minutes later a bandit squad shows up, engages with the soldier AI. a patrol helicopter shows up and supports the soldier AI against the bandit AI.
    - as a bandit i was driving through Balota, when a soldier AI heli spotted me. I ran for it, he followed and shot at my car up to Stary.

    pretty funny what the AI is able to do :)
  12. Richie

    Richie Valued Member!

    After taking a look at these AI in action all i can say is WOW ! :eek: This is something special

    Some points i noticed :
    • AI stopped shooting at a bandit i was near incase they hit me, I moved away and they started shooting again.
    • The heli patrols are fantastic, They fly really well and add atmosphere as you hear them flying back and forth.
    • The AI behaviour is really good, They have the sense to crouch down when engaging and move to different positions during the fire fight
    • They throw down smoke grenades for cover, In an open field it looks great
    • They have unlimited ammo, Killing them for loot is pointless as they only carry 1 clip
    I really can't wait to see them for a longer period :) I was gutted i had to drop back.

    Really really good work Sarge :D I know you said you had some tweaking to do but how they are now is amazing.
  13. d0pefish

    d0pefish Member

    this all sounds awesome. i generally tend to play on lingor so if you want anyone to test stuff out in porting over to there let me know.

    judging by your testing comments, does that mean AI will react to hearing your shots too? so if in a town fighting zombies a bandit ai 1km away may hear it and decide to come over?
  14. Sarge

    Sarge OpenDayZ Guru! Staff Member

    Yepp that's the case. They hear you shooting and decide what to do. The other thing they have is rearming where possible (so they might nick the grenade off your body and use it later on), and different skill levels per class definition.

    All this is being handled via ASR_AI, and additional serverside mod (no must have, but enhances the AI nicely imo).
  15. d0pefish

    d0pefish Member

    nice, it really does sound awesome.
    i would say i'd be willing to test out lingor (skaro) but i only have a personal server so it really would just be me testing it (or at most 1 or 2 others). i'm already using and messing about with sycosis' AI script at the mo. if this isn't a prob, let me know, as its personal server, i'm more than happy wiping the DB to start again fresh for ya :)
  16. Sarge

    Sarge OpenDayZ Guru! Staff Member

    no need to wipe the db :)

    and personal servers are fine, i will need your help anyhow in adjusting the grid and the area setup - so there will be some work for you included :)
  17. d0pefish

    d0pefish Member

    i enjoy the work :) and i only mentioned wiping the DB as i was playing about with the vehicle spawns so have removed a lot of default settings as i wanted specific things spawning.....would rather not one of my settings cause something to go wrong! :p
    mine would be a and Skaro Lingor 2.1 server. PM me what would need to be done if needed and i'll get on it :D
  18. lazyink

    lazyink Valued Member! Staff Member

    Hey there,

    I would really like to add this to our server and participate in the testing. We have a heavily modded map and I have set up new FOBs, an Armory and other strongholds on our map and I would like to put some static AI groups at the new locations, as well of course as the roaming AI groups. PM me if this is what you are looking for.

  19. Sarge

    Sarge OpenDayZ Guru! Staff Member

    which map are you on ?
  20. Omer

    Omer Member

    I'd love to have a chance to test this. I know coding myself and can maybe help, etc.
    Was looking for something like this for a long time, great job.

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