Some screenshots of new project ' DayZ 2017'

Discussion in 'General Discussion and News' started by shinkicker, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. shinkicker

    shinkicker Administrator Staff Member

    5 years on in Chernarus.

    Now only a handful of survivors are left and they are much more hardened, ragged bunch.

    Gone are the military grade weapons, the helicopters, and scarce is the food and medical supplies.

    Living off the land is more of a needed skill then zeroing a sniper rifle. You're much more likely to die to a machete attack over a can of beans, then an AS50 from 700m away.

    Things are going to be hard in this port. It won't be for everyone.

    I wanted to do this after seeing what I did not like so much in Celle. With Celle in hindight I think I put too much in. I now want to go back to basics and really focus on what made rockets mod really tick with players, and that was scarcity and threat.

    I have some modeling to do (females), but there are five survivor models who all look like characters from 'The Road' or the 'Book of Eli'. Quite a few other plans, but I will see if I can get basics working first before saying anymore.






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  2. shinkicker

    shinkicker Administrator Staff Member

  3. shinkicker

    shinkicker Administrator Staff Member

  4. beowolfschaefer

    beowolfschaefer Administrator Staff Member

    This looks great Skinkicker., can't wait to see what you come up with!
  5. Beta_Grumm

    Beta_Grumm New Member

    In case I didn't play DayZ enough, this will ensure I fail my classes. Please do not release until after finals. :p

    On a serious note, I've been hoping for a more difficult play style. Most of the custom maps are giant bins of weapons and stuff and seem to be designed to just log in, grab a gun and shoot it out. This, on the other hand, may be the map/mod DayZ needs right now. Looking forward to it.
  6. Pwnoz0r

    Pwnoz0r Administrator Staff Member

    Shinkicker you sexy beast. I didn't hear anything about this until now. Jeese man good luck! Let me know if you need anything!
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  7. JoSchaap

    JoSchaap Well-Known Member

    Pure awesomeness!!
  8. Alby

    Alby Moderator

    Love it. I'm hoping you have like customizable cars in the sense that you have to add the metal panels onto them so they are more tank like. That would be amazing. If not, feel free to contact me and I shall see what I can do.
  9. furchenkehrer

    furchenkehrer New Member

    Aww yeah :) this looks awesome.
    I came back to Dayz after months of absence because there are some nice little mods like Redux which make surviving more challening.
    So i'm really looking forward to see more from projects which make dayz even harder :)
  10. shinkicker

    shinkicker Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, I can imagine the URAL variations that could be made.

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  11. idunc

    idunc New Member

    When does this go live? I want to play it now!
  12. HumbleUK

    HumbleUK Member

    looks great mate!
  13. Pledge

    Pledge New Member

    Loving the idea of this,,looks great.
  14. Pwnoz0r

    Pwnoz0r Administrator Staff Member

  15. Quarterbreed

    Quarterbreed Well-Known Member

    If you need help with testing i could help, or even run a test server also
  16. Graz

    Graz Well-Known Member

    Holy crap shinkicker!

    I'm expected to see some kind of announcement stating that rocket has kidnapped you for work on his standalone. This is quite the vision!

    Make sure you post up if you need help with anything, servers, testers, 3d artist ect as I'm sure there's a lot of community that would jump at the chance! If not see you in 5 years ;)
  17. shinkicker

    shinkicker Administrator Staff Member

    Sincere thanks Graz for your enthusiasm. I certainly will get in touch about testing.

    Things are progressing, but I need to get moving faster as the standalone date is a week / day soon.
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  18. Man vs Wild

    Man vs Wild New Member

    That Back pack! will be the first thing I look for!
  19. icewindo

    icewindo New Member

    Hello shinkicker,

    I'm delighted that you like my models and plan to use them in a mod of dayz.

    However you need to give credit where proper credit is due. Your post here and the newspost on shacknews and pcgamer give the impression that this was all your modelling work.

    That is wrong and I think you know it too. You downloaded the models from this thread:

    So please give credit to all the persons involved as pointed out in the BIS forum thread:

    Johannes (ArmA1 SF mlod parts used)
    GSC Gameworld - Hoods

    Thanks... I'll be waiting for the mod though. ;)
  20. shinkicker

    shinkicker Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Icewindo.

    I pm'ed you on the 6th of November on the 15th, asking for permission to take over what you had orphaned for others to use.


    I then saw your comment on youtube and so Pm'ed you direct then too, you could have replied to me there as well :(

    In both messages I say that I will give you full credit as I have always done before when I worked with mondkalbs materials. It also says in the PC gamer article that I picked up some arma models, so I have never said I made the original models. I have since then made my many of own models which are main features in the game too.

    I did the right and honest thing contacting you direct, so my conscious is clear. I also invited you to be directly involved if you wished.

    Anyhow thanks again for your work.
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