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  • Since the latest Epoch update (, my players are able to fire vehicle weapons inside of safe zones (under certain circumstances). Example: 2 players are in a UH-1H outside of a safe zone. 1 player is flying, the other is on a gunner seat. The players then fly into a safe zone and the gunner is able to fire. Once the gunner changes seats, or gets out and back in, he is no longer allowed to fire.
    My Players are getting spammed in side after they tag a friendly in trader w/
    "[AGN] You cannot open your gear at this time as you have looked at a player in the last 5 seconds."

    "[AGN] Anti Backpack Stealing - Redirecting you to your own gear!"

    it requires them to relog so it will stop. thanks for your time.....
    I've made a few extra safe zones around the map, using your script. However, players are not able to access safes (etc) due to your gear redirect. Any way around this without sacrificing backpack protection?
    Hi AlienX.
    Thanks for your script.
    I'm using your safezone script.
    I have one question.
    Everything is good. but change clothes in safezone
    Sometimes The gun is fired. and destroy it
    Is it wrong???

    I don`t speak english well... Sorry.
    Hey i saw u posted in the forums about a way to have zeds not spawn in a certain area via server side. Would you be willing to help me out with this? I have a teamspeak so just let me know.
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