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    dayZ - the Aftermath

    Lol, was googling some of my old code n found the thread, is it still going? Aftermath that is..
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    dayZ - the Aftermath

    Yep, can confirm these are not related. Was a concept that I came up with a while back, am glad someone ran with it.
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    dayZ (arma) AI Controlled Bus Route.

    Your AI driver is on a different side to you. Enemy vehicles don't allow you access..
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    Working House Lighting

    The only way I have found is to increase the brightness of lights at a distance.
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    dayZ Street Lights

    The lights have come a long way since that code, though I have been designing them for Epoch which has street lights on as standard. The house lights on my github (andgregor) are more efficient and should reduce network lag. That street light code is still relevant, probably, I would be more...
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    Airdrop script (WIP) need a bit of help ...

    You need to add an entry to the end of the first line in remoteexec.txt. I would guess that you are using setWaypointStatements on at least one of your waypoints. I would advise using a unique name during your waypoint creation e.g._axeMsgWP = _axeBusGroup addWaypoint [[6586.8374...
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    dayZ Illuminant Tower Lighting (Power Generator Option)

    setBrightness to 0 or deleteVehicle of the lightpoint are the two ways I have used. Have you got your latest code, will take a look..
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    dayZ (arma) AI Controlled Bus Route.

    Not being able to get in the bus is usually due to an AI mission. If the side retaliation is changed then players are no longer friends, so the driver locks the bus.
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    ChooChoo Trains Script

    Assuming you are using this script: As far as I can see there shouldn't be any issues running it on Do you see anything in your .rpt file. Also might be worth adding some debug code in to see what is happening..
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    dayZ (arma) AI Controlled Bus Route.

    Helis will only land at a nearby (within 500m) helipad when the waypoint is set to disembark. Should be possible to force the vehicle to land or at least hover near the ground. Would need sscripting . Am experimenting with markers instead of waypoints.
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    Sarge and DZAI

    Dzai say not to run with sarge but there are people that have got it working. I think the main issue is making sure that the sides are set so they both work.
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    Sarge and DZAI

    Yes and No..
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    Adding snow to your server

    Change this ?bis_fog = 0.8;
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    Change weather server side.

    Weather is something I haven't really looked into beyond trying to detect thunder to create power failures. A good place to start is @DayZ_Epoch\addons\dayz_code\external\DRN_ReadMe.txt
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    Change weather server side.

    The snow is a particle effect, which shows as it is still visible when inside a house. Switching it off, in code, when you are within so many metres of a house or at certain times is certainly doable..