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    [Release] Walking zombies in Dayz 1.8.8

    Here's how to set up walking zedz for Dayz 1.8.8: 1. In your mpmission/mission name folder, open init.sqf. 2. Find the line that says this: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; 3. Underneath it, put this: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers...
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    Walking zedz

    I've done a lot of searching and found nothing that works with Dayz so I'm starting a new topic with the hopes that enough people still read these forums to help. First off, please don't bother to argue about why I'm doing this or if it makes Dayz too easy. I'd like to make all of the...
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    I hate "Me Too" posts, but yeah, "Me Too." I had Vilayer. What an aweful company. I found a great company in Vert Hosting, but they've shut down as well. It seems there are almost no decent GSP's anymore. Most are run by a few guys in their mom's basement unless you go with a big company like...
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    Drink Water v2.0

    I have "check actions" disabled in Infistar.
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    Drink Water v2.0

    Yes to all of your questions.
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    Drink Water v2.0

    I just cut and pasted the code into my fn_selfactions:
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    Drink Water v2.0

    I'm trying to get this working on a new server I'm putting up. Epoch, but I get no scroll menu option to drink the water. Does it still work?
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    Any command like -autoinit

    I know Arma 3 has the -autoinit command that loads the mission without anyone being on. Is there a similar command line switch for Arma 2 so instead of saying Arma 2 OA before someone joins, it says the actual map it's running?
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    Walking zombies for Dayz

    I'm trying to search for a walking zombie instructions for Dayz and it seems all I'm finding is instructions for Epoch. Does anyone have a good link to make the Dayz zombies walk, but more deadly?
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    Overwatch Zed sounds

    Does anyone have a download link to the Overwatch zed sounds from this thread?
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    Stuck on Origins vehicle upgrades

    Disregard this reply. I reformated my OP.
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    Stuck on Origins vehicle upgrades

    Release thread: I am at the server_updateObject.sqf step. In that step it says to place the code below the line shown below. The line in the instructions appears 4 times in server_updateObject.sqf. Do I add the code under all 4...
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    [Support] PVE Prison punish after a kill

    The prison in this script was made by MaxPowers. You should really credit him for his work
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    Need help with canibalism script

    I am trying to install this script in Epoch When I go to a dead body, I am not getting the option to gut the human even though I have a knife. In my client log I am getting this: Error in expression <isAlive && !_isZombie && !_isAnimal...
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    Accelerated time for Dayz 1.8.5

    That's too bad. :( Thanks for trying though and I hope you didn't lose too much sleep! :)