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    How to deal with "people" on DayZ

    With any DayZ community comes a community full of "one of those" kind of people. It doesn't mater what you say or do eventually you'll run into "that" and deal with the consequences. Here is a list of what "that guy" is potential of doing: The list could honestly go on. But let's talk about...
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    Custom Loot issue? Loot not spawning in *new* epoch enterable buildings?

    So you mean just get a copy of the custom loot from my arma directory?
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    Custom Loot issue? Loot not spawning in *new* epoch enterable buildings?

    Hi everyone, I understand there probably quite a bit of forums regarding the issue on custom loot tables, however I didn't find any that has the problem I am having. I have installed a custom loot zip that I have recieved from the hosts I have my server from. They say it is for the latest...
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    Overpoch Loot Tables! - Vilayer

    I just tested your zip you sent and I think its broken. There is double of the same thing in your BuildingLoot hpp, try this:
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    Overpoch Loot Tables! - Vilayer

    Make sure in your init.sqf (in your mpmissions folder or missions.pbo) you have this with your other variables DZE_MissionLootTable = true; now in your mpmissions (or missions.pbo) create a folder called "custom". Then take your folder of your custom loot and put it in the folder you just...
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    AI killing players in trader cities?

    I'm using DZAI and lately the AI have been killing players in trader cities. I for one have never experienced this problem yet, maybe one time. But its causing my players to get really upset as you can probably imagine. I doubt it has something to do with the antihack? I could be wrong. But has...
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    Weird Gear Issues

    I'm having a problem similar to this. Anytime players access their inventory or try to loot a item of any sort it closes on them and they have to try a couple more times to keep the inventory up. I have infiSTAR as well.
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    No Damage to Locked to Air Vehicles

    Now I'm afraid to try it xD
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    How to make vehicles god mode when locked?

    Your great SchwEde, thanks much!
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    How to make vehicles god mode when locked?

    I'm trying to see how I can make vehicles god moded, or indestructible while locked. I've seen a couple servers do this, and was wondering how this can be done? Thanks.
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    Cannot place plot pole? Says "snapping is not available for this object"?

    For some random reason players can't place a plot pole down. It just says when you select build on it "snapping is not available for this object". The only thing I changed since before this starting happening is I added infistar antihack/admintools. Had to go into my dayz_server.pbo and...
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    Lopatino Outpost

    What is the position on the map for this? The link for the map position was broken.
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    Players can't officially join game?

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    How to downgrade Epoch version?

    As far as the server goes how do i change it to