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  • Let me know how it works for you. This was my first release though I've been writing for some time. I carved this out of my existing whole set. I 'think' i copied over the unique variables, but you never know. Let me know any errors and I should be able to fix quickly.
    Good day!
    On my favorite server on which I usually shoot streams my profile will be banned. I wanted to know for what reason? To record video, I used the program Bandicam Shareware unless it can be the cause of the ban? Record button F9? Please unban my profile and I can not continue to make a film on your server WICKED about DAYZ OVERWATCH

    My nickname Valkyri
    We spoke about Wicked, gillie server and infistar... ;)

    Two things, where did you (or he) get the AI missions and list for expanded traders?

    AI Missions: a github thing? Where do I find it?

    Traders: I'm hoping you will say it wasn't a manual db insert. If so, where did you get all the weapon, launcher, vehicle.... code names?

    Thanks man
    Tried adding the biplanes but for some reason I just get a black screen do i add it after this?

    if (!(_type in SafeObjects )) then {
    _damage = 1;
    diag_log format["OBJ: %1 - %2 REMOVED", _object,_damage];
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