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    Dayz Epoch DZE_ commands?

    look in variables.sqf
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    2.4 Loot Not Spawning

    I know in 2.4 the loot spawn mech was changed. However, in certain areas loot takes a very long time to spawn. I tested this in electro with a moderate server load of 25 people. I stood at 50m, 60m, and 75m away from an industrial building and waited 5 min at each distance and then checked...
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    [BETA] DayZ Aftermath

    Rossymond, you are doing god's work!
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    Custom loadouts?

    working in 2.3 just using the old script / dll
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    bump updated to 2.3
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    HFB servers & Overwatch. Custom load-outs etc.

    Toten, If you wish to use a managed (slot based) hosting solution, you will need to have access to the hive.dll in the @hive Directory (or wherever your server files are located at). If you do not have access to modify this file, you will not be able to get the custom inventories to work...
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    New Clothing Class Names

    try using addMagazineCargoGlobal
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    New Clothing Class Names

    this is the full list from the variables.sqf file in the dayz_code.pbo ["Pilot_DZ...
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    DayZ Overwatch 0.2.2 Out!

    Hey scrumbee, do you think it's possible to add the muscle cars back in, just not add them to the spawn tables? I ask because we use them on my server for rally style racing. I'm not too concerned about them being destroyed as we add them through the map before a race. Sent from my Galaxy...
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    DayZ Overwatch 0.2.2 Out!

    Agreed. The Nissans/holdens don't show tire damage. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2