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    Vehicles in config.cpp/world.cpp

    G'day, I cant find any info on this elsewhere. In the initial release of I noticed that config.cpp was now loaded with vehicle names and amounts specified, also objects that some of them must spawn near. Can I assume this is an anti-hack feature? If so, is it safe to: add extra...
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    [Help] Vehicles spawn without be on database

    Check your deployables database table for anything new. I have seen vehicle classes injected into it before to avoid detection as a hacked vehicle.
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    Frozen Zombies

    Figured out i had an old version of dayz_server.pbo still in use. :oops:
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    Frozen Zombies

    I've a large proportion of zombies on my new server that are just frozen, standing still, holding arms out like they have weapons. I have googled this, but havent found anything newer that july 2012. It has been better since i moved from using a remote database to a local one (and some...
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    my.ini - whats yours look like?

    G'day, I'm setting up a local MySQL database for my Reality DayZ server. i have only used GSP's or a local server with a remote DB previously. I followed the setup suggestions here, but looking at the my.ini files of other server packages that have mysql bundled i feel my setup is really...