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    Clean roads, how to?

    Does this work on 1.7.7?
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    Taviana 3.0 Update

    yea i suppose youre right. it would just be nice to at least hear that from hicks rather than hoping they are still working on it. oh well though.
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    Taviana 3.0 Update

    how hard is it to post a few words and at least let people know whats going on? is it really asking for a lot?
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    SARGE AI Framework - Public Release

    Hey, i added the script to my Taviana server and was getting kicked for script restriction 80. I edited line 82 to this 1 setVehicleAmmo !"\"setVehicleAmmo\"," !"_vehicle setVehicleAmmo 1;\nif (SAR_EXTREME_DEBUG) then {diag_log "SAR EXTREME DEBUG: Vehicle new ammo";};" once i spawned in the...
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    dayZ Street Lights

    If you could get the little lights that actually line the airstrip to light up that would be amazing! theres bigger lights at the end that already work.
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    dayZ Street Lights

    so we should be able to add streetlights to our tavi server tonight?!
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    DayZTaviana KBz | BEAR GRYLLS APPROVED | ACTIVE ADMINS | +450 Veh +25 Heli | DayTime | Care Pkg | G17/Map | Custom Weps | Bases | NoFog | Private Hive | 2.0 Server Features Private hive Increased vehicle spawn 24/7 day (for now, going to eventually get streetlights...
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    dayZ Street Lights

    I am very excited for this. Not to pester you by any means but do you have any idea of when we will be able to add this to our taviana server? thank you for all the work you've done!
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    help adding dogs to taviana

    I would absolutely love it if you could get this to work! I have been wanting dogs in taviana for a while now!
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    dayZ Street Lights

    This looks great i cannot wait to add it on my taviana server the second it is released!
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    We will be doing the promo till midnight tonight! EVERYONE JOIN!