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  • Is it possible to alter your Bury Corpses code so that burying dead AI bandits isn't possible?

    Not sure what the value for a bot/AI would be to add to:

    if (!_isAlive and !_isZombie and !_isAnimal and _hasETool and _isMan and _canDo) then {
    Heya Seaweeduk,
    I just recently read a post about adding/removing weapons on vehicles. You commented to someone about adding/removing weapons on the server via the server anti hack file. I have been looking everywhere on this forum for a post on how to do it in the latest DayZ vanillia 1.8+ servers, however, I can't find anything. I am hosting a server through DayZ.ST and I have full .pbo access and FTP access.
    Hey there! Was just attempting to install your Bury Player Script, with no success. I followed it correctly. Any Ideas? Any help would be really appreciated! ;)
    Hi seaweeduk! Hope all is fine. I would like to ask you for the workaround you mentioned in your cannibalism post for the remove clothes from dead bodies problem, cause I would like to run both together. Would be great if you could find some time to let me know about it.
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