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    DayZ Sahrani Private Server launches, sits at wait for host

    I have a dedicated server that I am trying to install the DayZ Sahrani mod on. I have installed other mods on this server using Pwnoz0r's server pack that run fine. After setting up the config and batch files accordingly, and using the Sahrani 7.8 server files I cannot seem to get the server to...
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    Looping database messages for Epoch

    After looking through my HiveExt.log, I noticed near the top of the file one of the lines read 2013-07-01 23:12:54 HiveExt: [Error] Invalid method id: 999 Method 999 is used when setting up the _key variable that is sent to the hive. _key = format["CHILD:999:select m.payload...
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    Looping database messages for Epoch

    The enableRadio false doesn't have an effect on this, nor does the init.sqf (as I would not have an error in my server_monitor.sqf file populated in the RPT file). I have double checked to make sure and nothing needed changing. The problem is the query result and parsing through the result. I...
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    -Working- Loot Spawning While in Vehicle, and adjust loot spawning distances!

    Ok folks, I have been meaning to get this out to the world for a while, but now just found time. If you haven't discovered this already, it is a very easy modification. However, this will cause a greater amount of stress(lag) on the server with how fast some vehicles can travel. Some...
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    Looping database messages for Epoch

    I have been attempting to get looping messages from the database on my epoch server. I have run into a snag and cannot figure this out. Hopefully with the help of the community we can get this figured out and working on the Epoch servers. First and foremost, we need a table in the database to...
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    Krixes - Self Bloodbag Script

    I am having some issues regarding this script and the DayZ Epoch mod ( The script works fine when I add it to my Epoch server using the epoch fn_selfActions.sqf file with the added code for self bloodbag actions in the appropriate spot. My problem is that when this is added to...