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    start inv help

    NVM i cant copy those types of files to my server, filetypes not allowed. Ive contacted my server provider.
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    start inv help

    Thanks for the help. But where is hive.dll i dont have one in my server folder or cant find it.
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    start inv help
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    issue with Invcust on 1.7.5

    Can someone tell me what files i should change on my server. And how to do so? i have FTP access to my server and access to the database. Im really not good with this stuff and would like to resolve the Loadout issue on my server. :) thanks in advance.
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    start inv help

    I have this issue too on my server. I think they may have fixed it now. But i have no clue of how to implement this fix. =/
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    Xstreamgaming Server Loadout Problem.

    Hey guys really need some help here as im not all that good at maintaining servers. I have a server hosted with Xstreamgaming i have access to the database etc and its running reality. Ive read around that there is a problem with cutom loadouts since the gender selection was added? atm i have a...
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    [REQUEST] Custom Loadouts

    I also tryed this method with no success.
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    How to post your server correctly

    Ops sorry man i generally though this was the right section :( was like 5am id been up all night sorry Pwnoz0r.......
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    RUnning with Stapo's Light Pack Chernarus :)

    RUnning with Stapo's Light Pack Chernarus :)
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    [SOLVED] MPEventHandler Restriction #19

    Glad to be of service :)
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    [SOLVED] MPEventHandler Restriction #19

    I would call that resolved :), Died twice to zembers respawned no probs no kicks. Thanks for the fix man. Ill report any other issues that come up if there are any. Feel free to give me a shout if you want me to test anything on my server.
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    [SOLVED] MPEventHandler Restriction #19

    05.02.2013 01:25:23: Swadel ( 581987490d2d14d070d26e17b2206de2 - #0 "Hit" 3:602 Survivor2_DZ - "_this spawn server_playerHit;" 05.02.2013 01:25:23: Swadel ( 581987490d2d14d070d26e17b2206de2 - #19 "Hit" 3:602 Survivor2_DZ - "_this spawn server_playerHit;"...
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    [SOLVED] MPEventHandler Restriction #19

    MPEventHandler RemoteExec Restriction #8
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    [SOLVED] MPEventHandler Restriction #19

    Hmmm updated to the next text file there. Same error. Killed by Zombies. Death Message comes up then MPEventHandler RemoteExec Restriction # kick
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    [SOLVED] MPEventHandler Restriction #19

    Okies now MPEventHandler RemoteExec Restriction #8