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    Anyone still use this app ? Lookin for afew testers.. Ideally Arma3 Servers (but it shouldnt make a difference).. So far i have done BE Rcon connection handled entirely in python, no win32 exe files. Admin whitelisting GUIDs Nextup plan to code a simple rcon chatbot + simple scheduler...
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    RPT errors using 1.9.1

    Still using 1.9.1. atm, but doesnt look like much changed in last update... To reproduce the error u need to Shoot Down Heli AI survives the parachute jump Player Kills AI from heli crash U wont get the error if all AI dies from crash / fall. I need to up the debug info since not much in the...
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    RPT errors using 1.9.1

    Noticed the error after server been up for several hours... Think it was 2.5 hours, so its slightly odd Will attempt to debug if i get around to it & find some time. Only thing my mission script does is use the spawnBandits_custom.sqf To spawn AI + has a trigger created with respawn variable...
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    Question regarding patrolling helis code

    Plz geel free to ignore the question... Just lookin for roughly how the patroling heli works... Had a look @ the code & just want to verify thats how it works. If u don't mind... saves some time on trying to debug & verify it -------- Heli spawns, Gets told to move to a waypoint & @ end of...
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    Prevent AI to loot boxes

    U could try + prevent it happening as much... Spawn a while loop + sleep inside it.. Check for players nearby within a certain range. Spawn loot if players within a certain distance of loot boxes + exit the loop. Wont stop AI, but loot will only be boxes after player gets within a certain...
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    Sending messages to RPT log

    Try keep it simple its prob an issue with arma parsing %1%2 diag_log format ["Rare parent broadcast success with %1", _debugRoll];
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    Sending messages to RPT log diag_log ("TEST"); or test = 10000; diag_log format["DEBUG _test variable: %1", _test];
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    Find Building Loot Positions

    Just incase people didn't notice this
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    Epoch Cherno - Operation Dogfight 1 - SARGE AI + Missions - Random Spawn Loadouts + More

    Bump Added - Single Currency Gold Coins Bank is @ Stary Sober
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    Epoch Cherno - Operation Dogfight 1 - SARGE AI + Missions - Random Spawn Loadouts + More

    Operation Dogfight @ Looking for a new server to setup a home ? Dedicated Server Intel® Core i7-4770 Running Just One DayZ Server Restarts Every 6 hours... Server Restart Time Countdown in custom debug Features Anti-Hack(s) Protection SARGE AI -- killmsgs...
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    Am just running a single epoch custom server atm... Apparently no BE with new arma3 servers running via wine atm from what i readup :eek: So basicly pyBEscanner development is stalled atm... Its relatively stable & useable atm. Afew small additions i wanna add at some point Anyway its not to...
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    Anyone running this with DayzPriv?

    Most of SARGE is ran via server side... so it be script restrictions aren't an issue really. U want to be looking @ your server RPT logs to see any messages about errors or messages about server cleanup killing hackers etc.
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    Question about Epoch 1.0.2 server_cleanup.fsm

    Its easier imo to disable the SAR debugging in normal server... That way u don't need togo through hassle of adding exceptions to something u wont leave running 24/7. When u need to debug either setup a test server or Just lock the server / disable BE & enable debugging -----------...
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    Sarge AI Vehicle Patrols // example war scenario in the northwest. Comment OUT after having had a look at it! [ SAR_marker_DEBUG_veh, // Name of the area that the vehicle patrol will spawn in 1, // type...
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    Private Epoch Server.. some newbie questions. ?