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  • I was looking through posts on adding weapons to vehicles and making them fire. You mentioned you knew how to do this with a bike in the post. I think the post was about putting a light on a bycicle...

    I've removed the horn, ect and added a gun with ammo. It shows up on upper right of scren ect. However, it won't fire when i left click.

    Could you point me in the right direction?
    It should be working, make sure it has ammo? Not sure otherwise.
    i like to convert your DZMS from Chernarus to use it on Napf. Will this be possible by changing the Coordinates?
    Cause now the missions seems to be misplaced at Napf. How can this be done? I have no clue abot the coordinate system...Thanks. Contact me plz via Skype: padidiver0808. How can we PMing you? ..try to find that support thread now :D thanxxx, cheers
    If anyone has issues with their DZMS, I recommend PMing me, or posting in the support thread (which is why there's a support thread).
    Hey man i'd like to speak with you about some custom missions for DZMS, I have made alot of them myself by recoding the ones that come with it, just wondering if you have made any huge new ones?
    Hi there. So I am having issues trying to setup some custom AI missions on the epoch panthera map. Is there a way you can help me or if you have some custom missions already made up for that map that you wouldnt mind sharing, that would be awesome.
    Hi Vampire After installing the mission system all i got was a bunch of Battle eye messages after logging in but never saw anything elese can you help me please My name is stomper on steam and my team speak is

    Hello vamp can i talking to you please ? this is my TEAM SPEAK IP and my email thank you.
    Hi I am also having troubles with Installing missions to my Epoch server, any way you could help?
    Do you think you could help me with getting AI missions working? I'm having similar issues that Charliebird was having.
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