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    Anti Hacks / Debug Monitor Help

    How do you add scripts to the AH exceptions? I am also struggling to get this working but I am changing the compiles.sqf to toggle the debug monitor like you would with default epoch pressing insert.
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    ServerMessages: auto global RCon messages

    Hi mate, how do I stop it from sending everthing double? Cheers
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    Simple(ish) Debug Monitor w/ toggling function and animation

    Hey Matt, is there a way I can set the debug monitor hidden on start-up and only when you press f10 will it come up? I am having an issue where the debug monitor conflicts with my mission system hints.
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    DayZ Mission System

    Hi There, im running the mission system with Epcoh and it runs great, the only issue I seem to have is access certain traders at the Trading Camps. I have to Right Click mouse to aim though a guns sight before the trader menu appears. Anybody experiance a simpilar thing and how I can fix...