1. Irrenhaus

    [DE] Irrenhaus PvE w/ PvP Zones - Namalsk | NO KOS | Loot+ | BBP | Drugs+ | Strong Ai | Hordes | Airdrops | Ai Missions | Trader | Banking | KOTH | Sp

    Welcome to the frosty world of Irrenhaus! On this primarily targeted at German speaking but open for all PVE server, nestled in the icy expanses of Namalsk, where the cold seeps into your bones and the wind howls like an unforgiving specter, you are sent on a journey of survival and discovery...
  2. L

    Last Dayz Of Humanity - LDOH |TakistanPlus + Chenarus|8x loot|Helis+Gunner Seat|Bank robbery|Custom addons|100kStart|+ Lots more

    Last Dayz Of Humanity - LDOH ⁠ Recently re-launched! ⁠ Discord: ⁠ 2 servers under the LDOH name. ⁠ 1: Takistan Server Server name: [LDOH] ~New~|Takistan|PVP|Helis+Gunner Seat|Vehicles|X8Loot|100kStart ⁠ 2: Chenarus Server Server name: [LDOH]...
  3. S


    HooahNation-NA-ModdedVehicles/HighLoot-ModdedWeapons-Trader-PVP Join a brand new North America (East Coast) PvP Server! 50 slots Factions Trader Modded Weapons Map Groups Compass/Bearings High Loot High base material Tons of new modded things! Active admins High Vehicle spawns Custom Loadout...
  4. T

    (PC) The Ravagers | Just Wiped | 500k Start | Spawn Select | Traders

    Hello everyone, we are a new server on the block hoping to find players that will call our server home. We offer a wide varity of mods and a custom map. Right now we only have 30 slots but we will expand the server as it grows. We look forward to seeing you around on our server. Best Regards -...