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Welcome to the frosty world of Irrenhaus! On this primarily targeted at German speaking but open for all PVE server, nestled in the icy expanses of Namalsk, where the cold seeps into your bones and the wind howls like an unforgiving specter, you are sent on a journey of survival and discovery that only the bravest dare to undertake.

In this abandoned, snow-covered landscape, you will encounter not only the challenges of nature, but also the threat of wandering hordes of the undead. However, for those willing to take the risk, "Irrenhaus" offers a variety of opportunities to thrive in this relentless world.

With mods like AirRaid and RaG_Vehicle_Pack, you will be presented with new ways to challenge yourself and secure your means of transportation. Building underground bases with the Underground Bases Mod allows you to conceal yourself from the eyes of enemies while strengthening your defenses and safeguarding your resources.

But beware, as the creatures that roam this icy wasteland are not the only enemies you will face. Other survivors also roam the land, searching for resources and using their advantages over their fellow humans. Be vigilant and ready to defend yourself against any threat, especially in PVP zones where the rules of survival are often forgotten.

Despite the dangers, Irrenhaus also offers the opportunity to forge new alliances and build a community strong enough to withstand the toughest trials. With mods like BaseBuildingPlus, you can create your own bastion of survival and hope.

Server Stats: Slots: 100
Restarts: Every 4 Hours
Ip: dayz.irrenhaus.tech:27016
Discord: discord.irrenhaus.tech
Mod highlights:

  • DayZ-Expansion
  • AirRaid
  • RaG_Vehicle_Pack
  • RUSForma_vehicles
  • Underground Bases
  • RaG_BaseItems
  • CannabisPlus
  • BaseBuildingPlus
  • SNAFU Weapons
  • RevGuns
  • RedFalcon Flight System Heliz
  • Forward Operator Gear
  • Cl0ud's Military Gear
  • Armored Vehicle Pack
  • Arma 2 Helicopters Remastered
  • PvZmoD_CustomisableZombies
  • KOTH
So take the plunge into the cold and step into "Irrenhaus" - where survival is an art and every day brings a new adventure.