1. Irrenhaus

    [DE] Irrenhaus PvE w/ PvP Zones - Namalsk | NO KOS | Loot+ | BBP | Drugs+ | Strong Ai | Hordes | Airdrops | Ai Missions | Trader | Banking | KOTH | Sp

    Welcome to the frosty world of Irrenhaus! On this primarily targeted at German speaking but open for all PVE server, nestled in the icy expanses of Namalsk, where the cold seeps into your bones and the wind howls like an unforgiving specter, you are sent on a journey of survival and discovery...
  2. Dibz

    Liberation Gaming Hardcore Namalsk 1FPP

    Liberation Gaming Hardcore Namalsk 1FPP *active admins *friendly community *Custom loot pool *Custom Buildings *Mutants/stalker
  3. F

    [NEW] Namalsk Hardcore | Hardcore Zombies | 1ste Person | No Reticles | #Funky

    Dear Opendayz people! I am excited to announce we launched our 2 hardcore namalsk servers for the true legends among us! The server includes harder to kill (headshot) zombies with adjusted speed cycles for different zombie types. And a overall harder environment to survive in. We decide to...
  4. K

    The Brave PVP - Namalsk (Custom Map)

    Me and a friend have just started our own dayz server called The Brave and im reaching out to any people who are interested in the namalsk map which has been customized drastically with new towns, new military spots, updated main locations i.e vorkuta, jalovisko and lubjansk. This server has...
  5. jigzy66


  6. M

    Help! DayZ Server installation! Gonna Pay!

    Looking for someone who can make a DayZ Namalsk server with custom scripts. What I've done: Bought a GameServer on Installed DayZ 1.8.7 on the game server. Uploaded @Namalsk (0.75) via filezilla. attached in the launchparameters -@Namalsk. I tried around a bit with the raw...