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    ApocZ Roleplaying (Factions) (Discord) (Roles) (PVP) (PVE) Xbox One

    Hello everyone, we are a 3 month old 30 slots F2P server, looking for new players to come and join. We have a discord set up for you to join. Currently we have only one faction to join. But you are more then welcome to make one on the discord. We also have countless...
  2. JeromeK


    Hey Zusammen Ehemalige Mitglieder von WOD(World of DayZ) haben einen neuen Server gestartet: "zLife" Dieser bezieht sich immer noch auf Roleplay, wobei die Prozesse um Umstände massiv für die Spieler vereinfacht worden sind. Der Offizielle Server-Start ist diesen Samstag(Heute 27.07.19) um...
  3. C | Roleplay | Whitelisted

    IVORYDAYZ ROLEPLAY COMMUNITY IvoryDayz Roleplay Community was founded by 3 people who had a vision to create a community for the people. After noticing other "RP" communities neglecting their members and not giving what the 'people want' we have created a playground for the member to enjoy and...