ApocZ Roleplaying (Factions) (Discord) (Roles) (PVP) (PVE) Xbox One


New Member
Hello everyone, we are a 3 month old 30 slots F2P server, looking for new players to come and join.

We have a discord set up for you to join. https://discord.gg/pFypQGD

Currently we have only one faction to join. But you are more then welcome to make one on the discord.

We also have countless role from which you can join. Doctors, Military, Police, Civilian, Gun For Hire. Its totally up to you who you want to be.

So if you are looking for a server that's gonna stay and NOT disappear next week. This is the server for you.

If you wish to join our server, click the discord link. And send a message down in chat, with you're Gamertag. One of the Admins will give you the password.

Please don't share the password with any of you're friends. If you wish to have you're friends play with you, they first have to join the discord. Thank you and have fun playing on our server.