1. Pwn

    Public Scripting Repository

    Howdy everyone! With the excitement of DayZ server files being released and access the game's API, I have created a public repository on GitHub that will act as a directory of work-in-progress and released scripts. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to reply...
  2. G

    Epoch1061 logout punishment Script Help

    Hi, ive been playing Arma 2 (Dayz Epoch) for about 1200 hours now, and recently i have started to develop a server for Epoch 1061. The server is near completion and is only missing a few small scripts and some touchups here and there. One script that I need to add is giving me a hard time... On...
  3. Shootex

    [Release]Custom Loot For Epoch + OverPoch UPDATED as of 01/31/2016 []

    Hello everyone, I am Shootex, I script a DayZ Epoch server, I haven't messed with DayZ 1.8 at all, I'd have no clue in on how to do it for DayZ itself, this is made for Epoch only. Sorry for the late late update everyone, I hope my explanation is still good! Keep Note: If you are using this...