[OPEN] FilePatching


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Hey @All

Im new here I hope this is the right, section for my filepatching problem.
I setup my Server with the config and filepatchingallowed Parameter so far, i started it with -filePatching aswell as the DayzDiag Client and the Workbench.
Iam able to Debug the Script Client- / Serverside but Iam not able to do changes that acutally takes action without rebuilding the PBOs. The files in the Server/Client/Workbench directory
are the Scriptfiles, I also tried to Paste PBOs aswell as script files in the direcotries. Furthermore I let them all point on the same files (same directory) that didnt worked aswell.

Hopefully there is someone who can tell me how to setup Client / Server / Workbench correctly.


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Looks like you are most of the way there. Create a junction (mklink /J in a command prompt) in the dayz root (@myMod) to your source files (Documents\Dayz Projects\@myMod).

When you open workbench add the option -mod=<full path to your packed mod> e.g. Dayz Projects\PackedPBOs\@myMod

When you get the script editor to show your files from the packed mod, F7 will then re-compile and file patch from the original source files, the engine uses the link to access the source files.

You also need to start the game with a reference to a packed version of your mod, the game loads that then 'overwrites' with the local source files provided by the link: -dayzdiag64.exe mod=P:\PackedPBOs\@myMod -mission=P:\singleplayer.ChernarusPlus -filePatching