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  1. D

    Do Or Die Gaming is back!

    We've risen from the ashes of all the haterz and are back with a twist. From now on the community as a whole decides on changes, not just a couple of players who don't even play. Polls will be taken in game so that the best results possible will come. As always here are our features for those...
  2. armrarr

    Server name: [EU] Vanilla+ Vibes |LOOTx2!|Party!|NoStamina!|Map!|

    Vanilla+ Vibes is an community created by 3. Here we aim to provide a mostly Vanilla and friendly experience for new and old players! It is important to us that we are fully transparent with our players! A few quality of life mods that just improve your experience: - Autorun! - Earplugs Mod -...
  3. S


  4. 4

    An immersive winter chernarus server for people who wants immersion above all

    Server Name: Immersive Winter Chernarus Canada Based Server A server for the part of the community that wants IMMERSION! I just bought a 40 slot PC server to see if I could create the Most IMMERSIVE survival experience both In PVE and Player interactions by taking the players suggestions...
  5. G

    Freedom Land

    Xbox Chernarus 32 slots med to high pop Custom loot not to high not to low No alts or glitches Safe zone no raid or killing Whitelist Extra full cars and trucks No toxic raid Events Simple laws Role play housing Factions and guilds active Trader/discord cash/price list No caps on guns More...
  6. Glove

    Terminus Official |

    Terminus Official is a new rising community in the Chernarus lands. Discord Our aim is to go for realism, and DayZ makes it absolutely possible. It includes a PVP & PVE environment, no zombies involved. It supports up to 100 players, care packages, traders with limited inventory, custom...
  7. S

    Uk silentz dayz Community Server NO TRADER loads of customizations and mods

    Silentz DayZ Community Server No trader includes GoreZ, Rag Landrover, DayZ Expansion, MassManyItems, Cl0uds Military Gear, Hordes Of Zombies !! Mortys Weapons + loads of loot and map customizations + extra weapons To find the server search "Silentz" in DZSA Launcher or use the IP...
  8. F

    ElementZ | 200K start | Namalsk | pvp | 3pp and 1pp | custom mods | Door Raid Only | loot++ | high tier loot | gauss rifle - 25k referral system

    We Would like to invite you to join ElementZ You can join our discord If that does not work then try All information regarding everything on the server is in the discord Server Ip: Mods on the server BBP, Codelock, inventory...
  9. Mister ADHD

    I could do with some help with the trader mod on DAYZ SA

    If anybody would like to use my server for doing video tutorials i will grant you admin access as long as you show me proof that you are an actual vlogger, what do you call people who do tutorials? ill just call you vloggers for now lol i also could do with some help with the trader mod as when...
  10. K

    The Brave PVP - Namalsk (Custom Map)

    Me and a friend have just started our own dayz server called The Brave and im reaching out to any people who are interested in the namalsk map which has been customized drastically with new towns, new military spots, updated main locations i.e vorkuta, jalovisko and lubjansk. This server has...
  11. JeezusJo


    SEVERANCE US1|3PP|PVP/PVE|100K|Helicopter|Missions+|Drugs+|Chernarus|CustomAreas|WeekendRaid|Leaderboard|SpawnSelect|Trader|Airdrop|Guns+|Cloth+|Autorun|ATM and more.ip: Come taste the apocalyptic-themed adventure of survival and fear the wrath of the undead. Create communication...
  12. Noises

    (PC) The Grassy Knoll Dayz Server

    The Grassy Knoll Our Dayz server we try to bring you as close to a realistic style of apocalypse. We are looking for new players who are not looking for an overpopulated server with bases everywhere. We are fresh and ready to bring on our new survivors to our server to build new bases and...
  13. K

    The Allegiance Server

    The Allegiance Server | PVE RP Server | Full car spawns | more heli crash spawns | PS4
  14. D

    Good faction server

    Looking for a good server on ps4 where you can start a faction. Type in “HAVOC” and select the rp/economy server. Make sure mouse & keyboard is enabled.
  15. H

    H2H Community is looking for mature dayz players for the pc server!

    Hello everyone my name is H2H Nighthawk and I am representing the H2H community. H2H is a community founded by H2H Keyzer who is the developer and server owner as well. We have everything you could possibly need for a great dayz experience! From custom traders and loot tables to factions it is...