H2H Community is looking for mature dayz players for the pc server!

H2H Nighthawk

New Member
Hello everyone my name is H2H Nighthawk and I am representing the H2H community. H2H is a community founded by H2H Keyzer who is the developer and server owner as well. We have everything you could possibly need for a great dayz experience! From custom traders and loot tables to factions it is always an interesting time! Want to team up with a faction? You can! Want to run solo? You can! With self-assign roles in the discord you can choose what faction you want to join. Each of the factions has their own HQ and is marked on the custom map you can loot in the game or buy at trader. We offer a variety of events and even encourage ideas! We are looking to make this community even better so feel free to come check out the discord and the server! I want to thank you all for your time and attention! https://discord.com/invite/Ud7nYFx