So 1.7.7 will hopefully hit the streets soon. What sort of private hive support will we see considering most have given up now.

V1.7.7.DEV -  Dev Release info
Next Build
Community Change log:
* [Prerequisites] New mission file downloaded from (http://www.silentspy...sion-generator/)
* [Prerequisites] Battleye filters must be updated manually by server admins.
* [NEW] - Removed annoying "re-arm" option from actions menu
* [NEW] - Added Clear ground to crash sites (http://i.imgur.com/uVDfGym.jpg)
* [NEW] - Models and textures for mutton.
* [NEW] - Seperate meat for goats, same blood regen as mutton.
* [NEW] - Can now combine magazines.
* [NEW] - Added new loot & table for church.
* [NEW] - Added new food and drink items (only found in supermarkets).
* [NEW] - Added model for a dropped map and watch.
* [NEW] - Weapon MakarovSD (Military, Military Special).
* [NEW] - Weapon RPK_74 (Mi8 Helicrash).
* [NEW] - Vehicle Damage in Percent (With a Toolbox).
* [NEW] - 5L Fuel can takes 1 inv slot.
* [NEW] - Zeds can now push players to the ground when attacked from behind.
* [NEW] - Bigger Compass (You can see the number of degrees).
* [NEW] - Added auth retry system to make sure clients are authed before they spawn (should stop seagull issue).
* [NEW] - Added force end mission for players joining with wrong version/failed auth. (Will replace timout later).
* [FIXED] - Vehicle Repair/Refuel should now always work correctly.
* [FIXED] - M107 & AS50 Lock on system removed.
* [FIXED] - Humanity skin change can now change during game play in all directions. (No longer have to die to change from hero to normal to bandit and vice versa)
* [FIXED] - StudyBody should now work
* [FIXED] - Crashsite loot should now spawn correct for all types of Crash model.
* [FIXED] - Hero Skin teleport issue.
* [FIXED] - BAF Bags so they don't set on fire. :-) (no moaning it was a bug)
* [FIXED] - Updated timeout timer from 40 secs to 60 secs, Should allow lower end system to keep up. (Something went wrong, please disconnect and try again!)
* [UPDATED] - Reset action alert of zeds, Zeds hearing from actions is now reset back to (Max sight/hearing from movement forced to 80 meters)
* [UPDATED] - Updated rabbit to drop 2 raw food items. Lowered hp gain to Raw - 200 each / Cooked - 800 each.
* [UPDATED] - Moved anti teleport system to mission. Server admins can choose to enable/disable. (See prerequisites)
* [UPDATED] - M107 lowered chance in loot tables.
* [UPDATED] - AS50 lowered chance in loot tables.
* [UPDATED] - ALL loot table weights have been updated.
* [UPDATED] - Updated Czech, German, Spanish, French and Russian stringtable.
* [UPDATED] - CrashSite Loot should now represent each type of model more. (("MilitaryWEST","HeliCrashWEST") Two new crash site loot tables)
* [UPDATED] - Zed spawn timer to 5 mins from 2 mins this should allow an area to be cleared of zeds before more spawn.
* [UPDATED] - Readded Save option to tent and vehicles this is a fail save option. (Due to a small amount of servers reporting issues with tents saving. With no info for us to recreate we readded this option to save tents/vehicles)
* [UPDATED] - Zeds overall dmg has been updated per hit/per zed (Max possible dmg if headshot = 1200 blood, Max body dmg = 600 blood, Legs = 100, Hands = 50)
* [UPDATED] - Bleed from zed attacks will now only happen if the initial dmg is above 0.7 or the zed gives a head shot. (should reduce the amount of bandages needed) 
Side Notes. (in testing)
Damage multiply is now done from 0.1 to 1 changed from 0.3 to 1.2
Body,Legs,Hands now have a separate scale (body 600, Legs 100, Hands 50, Head 1200) (This is max possible damage if multiply = 1)
When unconscious Scale is reduced to 50 no mater the part hit. (allow's for some survival chance when knocked out)
Unconsciours now has a 50/50 chance if multiply is above 0.8
Bleed now only happens if multiply is above 0.7
Sight and sound chances readded so zeds can ignore you.


Staff member
The next week launch was planned due to us believing that Mat would sign the code off, but we have to wait for dean to come down from his little hill adventure.


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really wouldn't surprise me if nearly every file was modified :) There is so much changes done for 1.7.7 Since there was nearly 4 months of time used to fix and add features.