100% Custom Loot tables - v1.7.7

wait you did EVERY file?
I clothed them all I mean every .sqf file that has a new version. I took the new .sqf files and clothed them with the important stuff "pieces of code" that were on the old "custom folder .sqf files" like I said its easy to do but you gotta be carefull to cloth everything. I can upload these files if you want me to.
The only issue I'm having is the fire station loot. I barely see any zombies in there and the loot = 0 with no zombies.
Even so, I increased residential and industrial loot to a more easy to find items. That helped a lot and.
If someone else have this issue or knows a way to force zombie and loot spawn in fire stations I¡d like to know about it!!! :D
help link or a hint where to dig where that file with tents or where the path to register ?
and with the fallen helicopters also prescribed string post above in the CBT has not helped(((sorrow