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Hey guys,

Just to post an update on why we're busy check out this link on the BI forums ;) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?161427-2017-mod it's a couple of screenshots from 2017 mod for ArmA 3.

We have actually progressed significantly from those screenshots and development is moving vary rapidly!

One question has been asked repeatedly, that is: "What's the status of 2017 for ArmA 3?" and"Where's v2.1?"
Well, 2017 for ArmA 3 is close to a first build for closed testing. This should be within the following week or two (fingers crossed) and an open beta within the month following. That's our projection. Lots of real life stuff going on and the team has been divided to work on DayZ 2017 and 2017 for ArmA 3.

v2.1 for DayZ 2017 also should be done within the week. We've decided to scrap 1.7.6 entirely as the code is radically different in almost every aspect and makes updating to an already messy coding structure that much more difficult. So we're sticking with what works.

v2.1 WILL have Basebuilding... v2.1 will also be the last update for DayZ 2017 as we want to have every member pushing forward towards getting our ArmA 3 project fully polished. We hope that you enjoyed DayZ 2017 and that you will join us on ArmA 3 where we will take the project further than what we could ever accomplish on ArmA 2.

Please check this link to learn more about our ArmA 3 Project. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?162013-2017-Official-Announcement!

Kind Regards,
Lee Elsom (Hellborn)

Soup DRagon

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Hi Lee,
I've been following progress of ARMA 3 2017 on the bis forum - it's looking awesome I can hardly wait. In the mean time we are playing DayZ 2017. You mentioned above that v2.1 would be out with in the week, and that was 2 weeks ago - can you give us a very quick update on when it's likely to be released?
Many Thanks
Keep up the excellent work
Soup Dragon


Sorry about the delay. V2.1 is practically ready. Just some clean up and a quick test and it should be ready any time now :)