Add Chernarus Winter Map to my Server


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Hi Payne,

i made the changes for the Map to start with your Epoch Server.

to install:

1. Copy all the files in your Arma Folder
2. extract your map from
to the same folder and rename it to @Chernarus_Winter
3. change config.cfg and hive.ini to your needs
4. start the server with the batch and the client with the link
(its on and port 2350, what you can change when you want)

Have fun with it :)

PS: Signature is off, because i found no key for the map.

psps: i have used a wrong Databasename in the hive.ini and cant update my zipfile, please check it and rewrite it for your databasename
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  1. you need to copy the map pbo onto your @dayz_epoch/addons folder
  2. you need to add the maps config name to the addons[] at the top of your mission.sqm
  3. all players need to download the map or they will not be able to join the server.
if its chernarus and the new map is just a texture you could disable the signaturecheck in your server.cfg and then everyone can join but only those who have downlaoded the map will see the new textures
Does this work for DayZ Vanilla

I tried to get it working on my server last night but struggled big time.. any body able to help me out with some simple instructions as I am still very new to all this (I often follow videos to guide me)

Thanks in advance
to change the map you need to open your mission.sqm file and edit the 2 addon arrays at the top,. they say chernarus and,you need, to change it to the config name of the map.

your mission,pbo (or folder), like epoch.chernarus ... the extension needs to be the name,of your map (epoch.winterchernarus or whatever its called)

when you start the server you need to load the maps Folder in your -mod line, just like it loads @epoch_server

the clients need to download the map and load it in the startup parameters also or enable in expansion menu of arma2