AI protecting crash sites


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Do you think its possible to spawn AI at crash sites? Could be soldiers who survived the crash and are defending the crash and loot.


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Sure it's possible.

Given that there are different crashsite spawn mechanisms out there, i will not include that into ma framework though.

If anybody wants that functionality, a simple SAR_AI call in the crash spawn logic will do that.

cheers, Sarge


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Sarge I love your add-on it's great. I have also added a mission system using sarge AI. Weapon crates spawn in and the AI too. The issue is more that the AI kind of take off 50-200 meters from the site. I want to make it so that the AI fortify the area around the crates and don't wander off. I have tried many of the options ambush, fortify, nomove etc... This would aslo be an issue if Brosedion was to get the crash spawn working correct? Is there a way for me to add a new fortify2 that they had to remain within a certain area? Any suggestions would be great. Also I should mention that I am not a coder in any way and that this is the sarge AI (WIP) mission system that I'm using. So the more details the better for my noobie butt. Thanks and keep up the good work.


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It should be pretty east to slip some AI spawns into the crashed helis code. I'm not sure if you would have to grab their coordinates and then feed that to sarge's code, or if there is a different way to do it.