Alpha Servers For DayZ Escape


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I have created two* alpha servers for this mod. We will be uploading the client files soon.

we will most likely have you install the files by swapping them out for your @DayZ files by removing or relocating your existing files and joining as if it is regular dayz.

As soon as I get the go-ahead from Andrew, Either of us will post the Client files and the ip's to join and help us test it out...

you can expect to see most of the cities added in and in their final stages of development. Also MOST* of the loot spawns are finalized, but can always be changed.

We are also testing some blur anti-hack on the servers, and adjusting the way it works with the mod, and what it allows you to do.

AI are not Fully put into the mod yet, Neither is the currency system, (which is useless without the ai)

We want to get these files available ASAP so we can start testing with players on the servers before we make mistakes, and miss key features in the mod.

you can expect to see the new inventory system, based off of the 1.8 system. Also SOME base building aspects are available along with storage crates, which seem easier to hide then tents.

we still need to make changes to the databases to make these save correctly and efficiently.

we have tested most of the vehicles and are still working on their spawns, as it seems that the 1,8 database is completely ignoring some of them when we attempt to spawn them.

we are teasing animations for actions and balancing any actions.

(this post will be updated soon, and I will check my spelling later... :D)