Animated C130 crashes - Eventually dropping carepackages at way points


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So the below code is the animated c130, for an2 see the bottom of the first post.

To have a AN2 that drops care packages, see post number 2, big thanks to gaga for getting it working

This script will not work on CHERNO without RMOD, suggest your replace the c130 with an AN2 if you dont use RMOD - see 2nd post for info on how to do that after installing it

Big thanks to gaga who has made alot of progress with this while ive been busy, Looking epic in your Vid gaga

So anyways its actually reallllly simple to make the animated c130 crashes.

You just replace the model in the animated heli crash site script but save it as a new file, and add the wreck name.

then create a new link to it in server_monitor.sqf and in the server_funtion.sqf
Soooo, lets get started....

All files are located in your Server.PBO


Add the green text line below ur heli crash site script

// [_guaranteedLoot, _randomizedLoot, _frequency, _variance, _spawnChance, _spawnMarker, _spawnRadius, _spawnFire, _fadeFire, _prewaypoints, _damage]
nul = [3, 4, 400, 0, 0.99, 'center', 4000, true, false, false, 1, 0.0001] spawn server_spawnCrashSite;
// [_guaranteedLoot, _randomizedLoot, _frequency, _variance(DONOTUSE), _spawnChance, _spawnMarker, _spawnRadius, _spawnFire, _fadeFire, waypoints, damage]
nul = [7, 5, 700, 0, 0.99, 'center', 4000, true, false, true, 5, 1]spawn server_spawnC130CrashSite;

true, false, true, - The last true is static crash locations, if you are using any island maps other than cherno, use static crash locations or your c130 could end up in the sea

If you are running cherno set this to false


server_spawnCrashSite = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_spawnCrashSite.sqf";
server_spawnC130CrashSite = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_spawnC130CrashSite.sqf";

Click the link below and put the code in a file called server_spawnC130CrashSite.sqf

Store this in your compiles folder

Also if you want to change this AN2 (bi planes) or any other flying vehicle

simply follow these steps


Inside your server_spawnC130CrashSite.sqf edit the following lines

Line 48_heliModel = ["C130J"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;
Line 57 _crashModel = "C130J_wreck_EP1";

Make sure u set the wreck and the spawn
soo for an AN2 it would look like

Line 48_heliModel = ["AN2_DZ"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;
Line 57 _crashModel = "AN2Wreck";

for the wreck, still not checked which wreck spawns on cherno - feel free to check this, or i will when i get time
To make any flying vehicle just change the green models (and check to make sure they spawn on ur server)


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Soooo gaga got the Carepackages working, Nice Job!

How to make an AN2 drop carepackages as it flys over....

Step 1

Download the files below and store them in your COMPILES folder in your Server.pbo

Step 2

Open the Server_Cleanup.fsm located in your system folder inside your server.pbo

Search for

//Check for Hackers

Replace the line starting with...

" if(vehicle _x != _x && !(vehicle _x in _safety)


" if(vehicle _x != _x && !(vehicle _x in _safety) && (typeOf vehicle _x) != ""ParachuteWest"" && (vehicle _x getVariable [""Sarge"",0] != 1)) then {" \n

Step 3

Open your Server_mointor.sqf located in the system folder in your server.pbo

Add the following text to the very bottom

nul =    [
                6,        //Number of the guaranteed Loot-Piles at the Crashside
                3,        //Number of the random Loot-Piles at the Crashside 3+(1,2,3 or 4)
                (50*60),    //Fixed-Time (in seconds) between each start of a new Chopper
                (15*60),      //Random time (in seconds) added between each start of a new Chopper
                0.75,        //Spawnchance of the Heli (1 will spawn all possible Choppers, 0.5 only 50% of them)
                'center', //'center' Center-Marker for the Random-Crashpoints, for Chernarus this is a point near Stary
                8000,    // [106,[960.577,3480.34,0.002]]Radius in Meters from the Center-Marker in which the Choppers can crash and get waypoints
                true,    //Should the spawned crashsite burn (at night) & have smoke?
                false,    //Should the flames & smoke fade after a while?
                2,    //RANDOM WP
                3,        //GUARANTEED WP
                1        //Amount of Damage the Heli has to get while in-air to explode before the POC. (0.0001 = Insta-Explode when any damage//bullethit, 1 = Only Explode when completly damaged)
            ] spawn server_spawnAN2;
Add the following to your server_funtions.sqf

find the part for the heli crash sites, shown in the post above

and past the following on the lines below it

server_spawnAN2 = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_spawnAN2.sqf"; server_carepackagedrop = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_carepackagedrop.sqf";