Answering the question of "Where do I edit..." for once and for all

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  1. General DZAI configuration file: DZAI/init/dzai_config.sqf
  2. AI spawn locations and numbers: DZAI/init/world_spawn_configs
    • Custom spawns: see custom_markers and custom_spawns folders
  3. Everything classname related: DZAI/init/world_classname_configs
    • This is where you can configure AI skins and loot
    • Primary classname config file: dzai_config.sqf (The classname tables are located near the end of the file)
    • Secondary classname config file: see the *.sqf file stored in the folder named after the map your server is running. For Epoch users, the secondary config file is located in epoch/dayz_epoch.sqf

    Last updated 7/15/2014 for version 2.1.0
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