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Apocalypse RP | NO KoS | RolePlaying | Custom mod

Apocalypse RP is a DayZ RolePlaying community, with a highly customized mod to make it perfect for RolePlaying. Our community consists of mature and decent people, and we'll welcome anyone with open arms.

Features (details are further down this post):

- New player starter skins;
- New cars;
- New variations of the vanilla cars;
- Loot table rewritten from scratch;
- Over 60 weapon types;
- RP items in the loot table;
- Custom areas on the map;
- Perma camps;
- NPC "cleaning" patrols;
- Real fatigue and encumberance;
- JSRS set as optional;
- No KoS;
- Active admins;
- Awesome events;
- Companion dogs

- [NEW] Crafting
- [NEW] Cooking
- [NEW] New item uses
- [NEW] Lots of other features and tweaks

Our main priority has been increasing variations all over. You can come across 60+ weapons, a huge variety of vehicles, and new custom RP items such as cigarettes or vodka. We believe this will result in increased trading and interaction between players, and it offers a wide range of RP opportunities.

But don't get it wrong, we also had the lone-wolf in mind. To increase the experience of average gameplay, we've rewritten the loot-table. You'll really feel the presence of the infected, you'll feel the absence of food, and you'll really push your limits far beyond what you are used to.

Fatigue - The fatigue mod does exactly what you'd think it does: it wears you off if you're carrying too much weight. Items that would weigh much in real life, will weigh much in the game as well. You won't be running around with all spare parts for your car in your backpack to put it that way.

NPC Cleaning Groups - Patrols of anti-infection cleaning squads are spread around the map. These are hostile to any survivor, and one should keep a distance.

Vehicles - We've added a lot of new custom cars, such as new trucks, new pickups and a Survivor Humvee. We've also retextured and recolored many of the existing cars, to make them more unique and personal for the owners. That good old GAZ might just be interesting after all!

Weapons - For the weapon freaks out there, chances are you'll find your favorite weapon with our mod. We have as many as 65 types of weapons laying around all over the map.

Custom areas- To spice up the map, we removed all the the randomly generated overlapping debris that was in the DayZ mod to begin with, and added new interesting areas to scavenge.

Permanent camps- We also offer permanent camps here at Apocalypse RP. We won't to go into detail right here, but it basically means that you can build a camp that will be implemented directly to the map - and you can make it pretty cozy!

Steam Group


We had an awesome roleplay event this Thursday, where the objective was to hunt down a bandit that stole items from the republic. Read more in this thread!


Yesterday the republic gathered players in yet another event, where the objective was to track down a convoy full of food for the survivors that was ambushed by a group of bandits. Read more in this thread!



ARP Mod v1.2 gameplay, cooking&crafting

ARP Mod v1.2 gameplay, spawning in cherno (looks, loot, and new stuff!)

ARP Mod v1.2 gameplay, looting north-east airfield (looks, loot, and new stuff!)

ARP Mod v1.2 gameplay, rushing through Skalisty Island - tier 3 military loot!


Progress is being made on the new mod release.
Lots of new tweaks is being added to the map of chernarus.
Stay tuned!