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The new version of the ARP mod is now open for public testing. If this goes as plannes, the test will most likely be followed by a release this weekend. The mod contains LOTS of changes!

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ARP mod 1.2 Beta Release
New mod release today - Visit us today and play!
[ADDED] About 10 new vehicles
[MODIFIED] Rebalanced ALL the vehicles in the mod (a wiki of some sort will be added soon)
[MODIFIED] Changed factions for all the vehicles to be equally targeted by the cleaner patrols
[ADDED] 24 new weapons
[ADDED] A lot of new trash and RP items
ADDED] Uses for some of the RP items
[FIXED] Damage for some weapons
ADDED] Different types of loot for different buildings (such as 3 different tiers of military buildings and their loot classes)
[MODIFIED] Loot rewritten from scratch (again)
[MODIFIED] Loot spawn points (something you'll rather have to see)
ADDED] A few more lootable skins
[ADDED] Over 10 male starter skins and 5 starter female skins
[MODIFIED] Camo skins and ghillie suits decrease detection from cleaner patrols
ADDED] Streetlights around Chernarus; their lightbulbs can be shot
[MODIFIED] There are only a few fuel tanks on the map now
[MODIFIED] There is only 1 hospital on the map now
MODIFIED] Skalisty island redone from scratch as well
[MODIFIED] Chernogorsk suffered major changes
[MODIFIED] Airfields look less militarized
[MODIFIED] A lot of small changes
[MODIFIED] Slightly decreased speed
[MODIFIED] Increased chance of infection
[MODIFIED] Lowered damage
[ADDED] New zombie sounds
[ADDED] Business advertising through billboards
[ADDED] Frying pan - required to cook meat
[ADDED] First aid kit - required to be able to give blood transfusions
[ADDED] Cauterize wounds - (kinda like the equivalent of bandaging with a twist) with cigarettes and a box of matches
[ADDED] Smoke weed - Used as painkillers
[ADDED] Vodka - fills your thirst meter and warms you up
[MODIFIED] Several trash items made throwable
[ADDED] Cooking: you can cook 6 different types of warm meals which warm you up and fill your blood by 2500 to 3500, thus making life easier for lone wolves; cooking is triggered by right clicking the cookbook in your inventory
[ADDED] Crafting: you can craft arrows and quivers; crafting is triggered by right clicking your knife in your inventory
The new mod release has now been live on the server for 3 days, and we are getting lots of positive feedback!
Join us today, and experience the apocalypse the way it is supposed to be!
Small modifications made today:

- Fixed bridge to Otmel Island;
- Removed cleaner squads from Mt. Klen;
- Added a new Tier 1 military loot location south of Gvozdno;
- Marked fuel tanks (F) hospital loot (H) and and military tier 1 (M) on the ingame map;
- Updated the rules map with additional info: