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At first I was posting a tongue-in-cheek comment along the lines of "lets get this fixed so arma2 can be hacker free" but after looking at this, it appears ... well .. it appears it will be maybe considered a new "feature" of arma2 :D since its basically ignored.

Compare the two issues

So many posts in Arma3 and it took the devs about 2 weeks to push the patch. Its been 9 days since the initial post about fixing it in Arma2, and its been 2 months before that when it was fixed in Arma3. So apparently they have known that long about this but the focus is on Arma3 (which it probably should be)

I am not very familiar with that site but am I reading it wrong?
clicking the issue posted at the top of this page you get to bug #75896
But when I click on all the issues .. that isnt listed? So its been reported (2 months ago in Arma3 and again 10 days ago for Arma2) but its not officially acknowledged? Is that what I should take away from this?
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