Arma 2 oa server crash detection to auto restart?

Hi, I was wondering if there was a batch file or way that would check to see if my arma 2 oa servers running every x minutes and if it detects it crashed it would kill the error window and then run my restart.bat file which would restart the server BEC and my whitelister.
But also make it so it won't run/check if the restart.bat is currently running so it won't cause it to keep closing it while it's trying to start backup.

If anybody has any ideas please share as something like this would probably help people so they don't have to worry about it staying shutdown if it crashes while there at work or sleeping etc.

Server info (if it helps)
Beta patch 103718
Steam install
Windows 7 x64/64-bit Ultimate

Thanks for reading

Tried using trial of firedameon but when I do it doesnt display stuff like host name load mission mods or anything what am i doing wrong?
and i would love it if there was a bat file so I dont have to pay 50$ after 30dayz for something i barley know how to use.
But if thats the only way for it to automaticlly restart on a crash then i guess ill pay for it,i was using the tutorial in the Server/Admin tools discussion sub forum (the one stickied) maybe its out of date or something?

Yeah some times it will crash once a week or 4 times a week I'm thinking about reinstalling all the arma 2 + oa files and seeing if that helps
Ok so I tested it it's a good script thanks just wondering some small stuff about it
So the error window is WerFault.exe but it also still has the arma2oaserver process running is it possible to make it so it checks if the arma 2oaservers down and if there's a WerFault.exe running or should I just turn error reporting off and use it as is?