ArmA 3 DayZ/zombie mod


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Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone has any information for me. I have been looking into trying to create a zombie mod on altis map or any of them for that matter but upon opening client files i see that there is seperate mission,init and description files in a folder inside the client files. Does anyone have any knowledge as to how to setup the server side mission.pbo files and why it needs to read different ones from inside the client files? Any help at all would be really appreciated i have searched google for days now any can not find any information at all anywhere. I know that it setup roughly how arma 2 dayz mission files are but not the same.
Actually having a hard time finding it due to the zoombies website being shutdown now.. but i guess zombies could be in as long as you used nothing of dayz :p oh the work and DZB has custom coding, and breaking point.. last i heard.. they were in some legal shit as well
Yeah ok they have amended alot of what they had stated before.. basically you cannot use anything from the Arma 2 Dayz Mod aka models, textures, sounds, and so on