(arma2 beta patch) Secure player ID introduced

We have been running with this ever since it was introduced and it works just fine aswell :)
I believe its all patches from 99419 and up, that requires this "requiredSecureId = 1", but i could be wrong :)

But just wanted to confirm it works just great.
Well, mainly its to secure the player ID from theft, as they werent secure enough before.
Its also to keep players with fake ID away from DayZ.
But i believe its also for lightening the server load at login.

This should help alot and really force people to buy a new game when banned, atm you can just "crack" the cd-key and log back in with a fake ID.

But if you dont wanna manually implement it now, i believe you just have to wait for the next big Arma II patch to be deployed, as it will most likely be a default feature in it.