Auto Refuel, Deploy-able Bikes


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hey cen, i just had to mention this since i dont like to see wierd messed up code with no meaning and even tho it was an old post, i just couldnt leave it alone ... lol sorry

this part is irrelevant if you do not have the combat check any more anyway and since "nothing" will ever be false this will never actually happend:
if (false) then {
    cutText [format["You are in combat and cannot build a bike."], "PLAIN DOWN"];
} else {
and the "};" at the end ...

you are also creating the vehicle straigt on the player position, possibly killing him in the process, try this instead:
    _dir = getdir vehicle player;
    _pos = getPos vehicle player;
    _spwnveh = createVehicle ["Old_bike_TK_INS_EP1",[(_pos select 0)+_infront*sin(_dir),(_pos select 1)+_infront*cos(_dir),0],[], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
edit _infront to your likes.

the object uid set to 1 might work, but personally i would just set sarge or mission variable instead (most ppl have ai anyway).

its cool that you made it possible to repack the bike, but i think you forgot the fact that you can now pack any bike (database or not) meaning if you have a "real" bike from the database, you will have an unlimited supply of toolboxes ... try set a variable on the bike when you spawn it and check for it again before packing

think that was all ... just wanted to let you know ;)