Auto Refuel, Deploy-able Bikes


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Everything looks fine, are you placing the bike and bike2 .sqf's in a spawnbike folder or do you have them directly within the fixes? If you do then you will need to open up your fn_selfActions and change the call from spawnbike\bike to fixes\spawnbike for both bike and bike2.
Caboose69, any chance i can get a look at your pbo? i have try'ed in vain to add the bike and gyro with no luck so hope i can get a look at your pbo if you dont mind?, if i cann add me on skype, bazzabing11, thanks.
I still can't get it to work, the server is stuck on receiving mission file every time I try and enter this script, any ideas?
Sorry for my english. Does not work. If I do as a general theme, no menu create a bike, if as in the last post, kills when I sit down. Where to do that so as not to kill? Overwatch 0.2.5
Can anyone PLEASE, make a clean post on how to deploy bike in dayz? ive been trying for days and all the instructions are either scattered or they just dont work. PLEASE someone post the whole thing from beginning to end. There are many that are not very experienced and need a simple written directions.
thank you