BetterDeadThanZed's Chernarus map addons

Since I shut down my Chernarus server, I thought I'd share some map addons that I created. I'll start with the two major ones and get the others uploaded as time allows.

If you want to convert these to biedi files, use this tool:


Camp Rocket:
Located near the NWAF, this site has barracks, tents and a building under constructions. It's also FULL of zedz!

Fort Stary:
Fort Stary was built just outside of Stary Sobor and has a variety of buildings, including a housing area, apartments, temporary military camp with tents, a helipad, hospital, fire station, headquarters and a barracks area. TONS of zedz spawn in this place.

Just a couple screenshots so I don't overload the topic with pics...

Camp Rocket entrance

Fort Stary entrance

he was just on this site today. pm him here.
now,his signature is missin too.
oh well. maybe he has decided,to,run chernarus,again and reclaimed,his addons.

you,know, with,map,eu its not,hard to make an,excellent addon yourself now, just the way you want it
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