BR PVP - New Mod


Like some may know, i'm making a mod.

At date it don't need any new content. For the map it uses the map Takistan, original from the game.

If you want to try, join

You need to disable any other mod in the game Expansions menu (like DayZ Epoch, DayZ Vanilla, etc), and let on only the 4 original Arma 2 expansions.

Be sure to have updated Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA (verify files integrity).

I apreciate feedback.

Actual Features:
- Halo Spawn
- Loot System
- Vehicle spawn system. LandVehicles: on places with much streets, near the road and along the road. AirVeicles: on places with few buildings, near a road but a bit away from it, on an open area.
- Resources (water barrels) spawn system: on residential areas not on road.
- XP
- Groups
- Eat, Drink
- Acelerated time
- Save on BD (vehicles, player, groups)
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-position and angle
-model type
-weapon on hand
-player xp
-your group
-how starve you are
-how thirst you are

-position and angle
-no damage is saved so the vehicle regenerate on server restart. Destroyed vehicles are removed from bd on death

I'm using Arma2Net MySql plugin.
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ah ... I get it, Dyslexia :D .. BD is DB as in database ... I will give it a test this week, I prefer this type of server AND imho Takistan is an excellent map, maybe the best map (after Lingor of course)! All buildings are enterable, its not just desert as it has mountains, valleys with sparse forests, and it just seems the most complete and realistic of all maps.
Thankyou ShoothingBlanks,

I downloaded Lingo. Really impressive map. I got low fps on some areas. Takistan runs completelly smoth for me.

But since the mod is easilly ported to any map, i will make some tests on Lingor soom.