Can i change time for self bloodbag DayZ Mod 1.8.9

I found in DayZ Mod 1.8.9 have a self bloodbag in himself and i need edit somethings about times or player get blood but i don't know where that files stay.

Thank you sir :)
Sure i try to copy player_usemed and selfbloodbag.sqf to my mpmission folder and now i saw about how much blood player can get from selfbloodbag but i can't edit time for selfbloodbag sir :)

I need 30 sec for selfbloodbag not time for use again.
OKAY, Here is what I would do .. not saying its correct, its just what I would do o_O
Just below line 62 where it says.
_timer = diag_tickTime;
I would add this line which sets a delay of 30000ms (30 seconds)
_delay = diag_tickTime + 30000;
and then when the transfusion is completed on line 124 where it says this
if (((_blood >= r_player_bloodTotal) and !_badBag and _bagFound) or (_i == 12)) then {
I would change that line to the below code to check if your delay has
if (((_blood >= r_player_bloodTotal) and !_badBag and _bagFound and (diag_ticktime > _delay)  or (_i == 12)) then {

As always, I dont have a dayz server, dont play dayz, and dont test the code ... just guessing, so make a backup :D