Can somebody help with the scripts

Hi all
i have rented a server for almost 2 weeks now but i cant get it to set-up properly

what i aiming for is this

Ai missions
a couple of custom bases/towns
infistar antihax

now i have downloaded the comkpleet repack from

so i just move those maps into the root of the server and overwrite the current.
go into server and every thing is working so i go instal infistar with the controlpanel of the server.

then the trouble starts

when joining i have to type 8 times my infistar admin password before i join instead of 1 time when every thing is stock.

and the biggest problem is when somebody died or get killed you will just spawn fully geared and on the same spot where you died.

i have it installed different ways
dayz epoch
infistar update

script repack

dayz epoch
script pack
infistar update

it wont make a difference
just stock dayz epoch with infistar just works only bec will be broke(cant login as admin)
when stock dayz epoch with scripts repack(without infistar) everything works
does somebody have a solution??
sorry for my really bad english its hard for me to explain it
hope you guys can help me


I am not familiar with the workings of, but it sounds like there is a script issue with bec and I also use the on my epoch server and everything is fine, although I have to type my password twice. I have been told that bec and epoch don't get along on servers, and they don't support it. If you can look at your RPT logs this will tell you where the issues are. Also I'm not sure if you purchased your from them or blur, but blur has a forum full of helpful people that may be able to help sort out this issue.